Claiming a Demon (Dallying with Demons Book 3) by Amy Padilla

A quiet demon meets a bubbly human and the chemistry is undeniable. Zach wants to be the person Mal turns to for help, but how can he be sure that Mal wants something long term as well?

From the Claiming a Demon blurb:

As an exuberant extrovert, Zach has been known to adopt nervous introverts and take them under his wing. So when he sees the quiet demon struggling to find a gift for his friends, he can’t help but step in. So maybe he’s also drumming up business for his job. Who says you can’t multitask? But this demon is in need of more than a massage, and Zach finds himself falling head first. The only problem is… does his new demon boyfriend feel the same way? Or will he toss Zach away when he no longer needs him?

Mal has always been quiet. When you grow up with six older sisters, if you want to avoid being dragged into an argument, you keep your mouth shut. So when the most important person in his life gets sick, he thinks it's best to keep it to himself. But the little pixie who keeps rescuing him won’t let that fly. Zach is determined to help him. And Mal doesn’t put up a fight.

But when Mal’s dad takes a turn for the worse, their new relationship is put to the test. The question is, can they handle the pressure?

Tags: Zach adopts an introvert, protectiveness, size difference, opposites attract, spa treatment, accidental erections, Zach’s in charge, Mal likes it, Shadow plague, emotional hurt/comfort, snuggles, Zach has the best shower, bossy bottom, family drama, Mal learns to rely on others, witches make the best friends, too many sisters, hospital chairs are uncomfortable, caretakers need help sometimes too.

SNik's review:

Third in series (Dallying with Demons), best if read in order. Paranormal. Opposites attract. Hurt/comfort. Dual POV. Heed content warnings.

When Mal goes looking for a present for some human friends he doesn’t expect to get help from a charismatic, energetic human that somehow comes to his rescue. Zach doesn’t mind that Mal hardly talks, he enjoys getting to know him and helping Mal relax either by being his massage therapist or his friend. Mal and Zach easily fall into friendship and then can’t deny the attraction they both feel, and neither try to change the other, finding happiness in being together.

I really enjoyed their sweet interactions, Zach doesn’t push Mal out of his introverted comfort zone and Mal appreciates Zach’s effervescent personality. The story has some helpful secondary characters, some nice and spicy scenes, and two main characters that aren’t afraid to show vulnerability and care while supporting each other and falling in love. Really enjoyed this opposites attract addition to the series.

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