Buck Baxter, Love Detective (The Buck Baxter Detective Agency Book 1) by Robin Knight

Welcome to the 1920s in Wilde City where crime and passion are ingrained into the marrow of your being. Buck Baxter, Love Detective starts off Robin Knights all new series the Buck Baxter Detective Agency.

From the blurb:

Hard-boiled 1920s private detective Buck Baxter isn’t interested in falling in love… that is until his latest mystery leads him straight into the arms of playboy Holden Hart. But what will Buck end up breaking first—a seemingly unsolvable case or his own heart?   

Welcome to Wilde City, 1924—a crane on top of every skyscraper, a party in every club, a romance on every dance floor, a shooting every night, a broken heart on every street corner and a dirty secret behind every window with the curtain drawn. It’s the kinda town that keeps Buck Baxter, private detective, in business. For despite his fondness for a cold gin and a pipe stuffed with cannabis, Buck is the best gumshoe in Wilde City. Why? Because he has rules: never make friends, never make enemies, and never ever fall in love.

That is until the day that playboy nightclub owner Holden Hart swings into town. He’s suave, he’s charming, he’s chivalrous… and he’s exactly the kinda man that Buck will break all the rules for. From the romance of the Rainbow Palace atop the Wilde City Tower, to the dazzling debauchery of the gentlemen’s parlor The Velvet Viper—from the history surrounding the sinister convent on the hill better known as Hell’s Bells, to the lantern-lit opium barge, The Peking Empress, run by the mystical Madame Chang—could Buck be about to unravel the greatest mystery of them all... The mystery of love?

Buck Baxter, Love Detective is the first adventure in the Buck Baxter Mysteries. It is a campy, noir, 30k-word detective story featuring a tough and troubled leading man, a heartthrob love interest with secrets of his own and a hilarious cast of supporting characters. Enter a world of prohibition, gangsters, speakeasies, jazz clubs, star-crossed romance, brooding heroes and a mystery with a twist.

Molly Otto's Review:

What a promising start to a new 1920s era gumshoe detective series. Buck Baxters' job is to show people the truth even if it hurts its best to move on and start over. Growing up in an orphanage made it impossible for him to allow others in except for the one that got away. Years later, he meets Harry, the first man to truly intrigue him.

In this first case, you try to see if a man is really what his wife is saying. Buck proves he is a truly remarkable man and will, in fact, do anything for love. A fun collection of crazy characters that I've come to know and love from Robin as an author, from comedy to suspense and everything between you still know when it is a Robin Knight book and for me that shows him to be an remarkable author. I can't wait to see what's next for Buck Baxter!

Buck Baxter, Love Detective is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription