Black & White (ORCA Book 1) by Vinni George

Black & White is the first in the ORCA series, and if the little taste you got of Nero and Felix from their previously released novella wasn't enough for you, then you definitely need to check out their full length HEA!

From the blurb:

Nero Hunter is tired. He’s tired of early mornings chasing down skips. He’s tired of Shamu jokes and dealing with idiots. He's tired of being alone. But agreeing to do one little favor for a friend turns the tide and brings Nero face-to-face with his destiny.   

Felix White is unlucky. When his life is threatened and he’s hauled into police custody for safekeeping, the last thing he expects is to meet his fated mate. Especially when his mate is a giant killer whale shifter, who is also his new bodyguard.

But there is more to the plot against Felix than meets the eye, and Nero and his brothers have to work together to figure out who is after Felix before it’s too late...before Nero loses the mate he just found.

Black & White is book one in the Organization for the Return of Criminals and Assets (ORCA) series featuring an orca shifter art thief turned bounty hunter, a sea otter shifter hacker who might have pissed off the wrong people, and a group of orca brothers who will do anything—even if it’s not quite legal—to save the newest member of their family.

Angel's Review:

This is the first book in the brand new ORCA series! Vinni had a short story about Nero and Felix in an anthology previously, and have since expanded from that short. Ever since I read the short I was very eager for this series, Vinni George does shifter books very well, and I was very intrigued by the concept of killer whale shifters. It's something that I haven't seen much in the books that I've read, and I find it to be quite unique.

Nero's character immediately drew me into the story, as he's describing chasing bad guys and how he hates running, that's the first moment where you really get to know his character. I liked that this book has dual POV'S, it helped with getting to know each MC better, along with it adding more depth to each moment that happened since we were able to read both of their perspectives.

I found the pacing to be alright overall, albeit a bit fast. This book has a really fast pace, the story that gets told takes place within a week. It's a little wild, but it was written so well it made sense. As much as I want to say it was rushed, I can't. It somehow worked in this setting.

The dynamic between the brothers was interesting to read about, each brother brought a certain talent or specialty to the table. I can definitely see why Felix thought it was such a good idea to have the brothers go into a business together. I'm really excited to get to know more about each brother! Why do Cal and Quin argue so much? Why can't Quinn be more himself instead of his persona? What is the issue with Cal and Jack? So many questions I hope get answered throughout the course of this series.
I wish we got to learn more about who's after Felix in this story, but alas we must wait for the next addition to this series.

Nero and Felix do get an HEA in this story, but the overarching plot is a HFN.

Jacqueleen The Reading Queen's Review:

I really enjoyed getting the full story of Nero and Felix!! The previously published novella just gave us a taste, but this book gives you the full HEA I was looking for! At the start, Nero's been kind of in a rut when it comes to his bounty hunting job. His brothers, whom he shares a home with, are also all involved in their own pursuits as well. And lets just say not all of them are as legal as Nero's job at the moment. When an acquaintance asks Nero to basically babysit a hacker who's being threatened, Nero expects another boring task to add to his to do list. As it turns out meeting his charge is anything but boring because Felix just so happens to be his fated mate!

These two were very sweet on each other right from the start. That mating pull definitely had them in its grasp. Unfortunately for these poor boys, they also had the person after Felix to worry about so much of the book was dedicated to their case and not the steamy fun times both I and the MCs were dying for! I did love how Nero's brothers all pitched in to help and the banter they exchange while doing it. They seem like such a fun group and I cannot wait for each of them to get their own mate.

Felix and Nero's book is not only about their romance, but also sets up what I'm guessing is going to be an overarching plotline for the series. Things just seem to go deeper and get even more interesting the more the members of the newly coined ORCA dig. I'm also extremely excited about the next book because oh boy does there seem to be some MAJOR UST just wafting away from both Cal and Jack when they are in a room together. Here's hoping for some enemies to lovers steamy goodness on the horizon!!

Black & White is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription