Will (Almstead Island: Newcomer's Club Book 1) by Kerry Kilpatrick

People constantly judge Beckett as a serious and unsocial cop, but once his neighbor Will gets to see past his walls, Will puts everything into being a Daddy to the overlooked boy inside Beckett. Will is the caring, kind, protective partner Beckett never knew he needed.

From the blurb:

What could go right with a social worker Daddy and an injured boy?   

As a social worker on Almstead Island, I've come to understand the hidden battles people face. But seeing Beckett injured shook me. Behind his tough exterior, there's a vulnerability that tugs at my heartstrings. I want to be his daddy, not just to fulfill a fantasy, but to provide the comfort and security he so desperately needs.

The injury didn't just hurt my body; it exposed the emotional bruises my family has inflicted on me since childhood. Their constant criticisms and jokes have worn me down even more than my job as a cop in our small town. Will’s kindness and understanding offer a reprieve from the suffocating weight of their judgment. I want to be his boy for longer than a fling.

Beckett needs to drop his guard and Will needs to find the line between nurturing and smothering. Both of these men want what the other is offering, but they’ll have to get out of their own way to make it happen.

Will is Book One of the Almstead Island: Newcomer's Club. The series is interconnecting, but each story can be read as a standalone. This novel involves a Daddy/boy dynamic, but no age play. Please know that there are instances of emotional abuse in this story. You can find more information in the forward matter. There is a HEA for this couple and no cliffhanger, but some character redemptions will take longer than others.

SNiK's Review:

First in series (Almstead Island:Newcomers Club). Daddy/boy. Side representation. Dual POV.

Beckett has two sides of his life, one as the competent police officer and the other as someone that enjoys reading and quiet time even if it gets a bit lonely. When Beckett gets injured his neighbor Will agrees to help, both men having a long standing crush on the other, they realize they want to explore a Daddy/boy relationship which neither has done before. There are personal hurdles for Beckett to overcome as he blossoms from Will’s unwavering affection and natural nurturing tendencies, and both these men are caring and really work hard to communicate honestly about how they want to build their relationship.

Both these characters are likable and super sweet with each other, with some steamy interactions and swoony time spent getting to know each other beyond the superficial. I enjoyed the ease in which they became Daddy and boy which showed how they found their special person, and Beckett and Will don’t take a moment for granted which really made it feel like their HEA was well deserved and possible.

Denise's review:

This is a super sweet Romance that has some BDSM. Will is a social worker that works at the hospital. Beckett is the injured cop that he helps recover one weekend from a hit on the head. Beckett has a lot to get over from his family's constant criticism of him and his choice of employment and don't think he is good enough. Will realize his need to help Beckett get out of his own head. They both have what each other needs they keep getting in their own way. This is the complete standalone and has a happy ending for the couple. But the stories will continue with other characters in the next set of stories. And just realize that there will be more Redemption coming from all around.

Heather's Review:

This book deals with an ongoing trauma and difficult family situation that may be triggering for some - please check the forward matter in the book before reading if you might be triggered... beyond that, this book is a lovely story about exploring and building a relationship that works for both men... accepting what you want out of life and making it happen, despite the roadblocks...

I really like how Beckett and Will come together and communicate, and also that they learn to be completely honest with each other.  This is a beautiful start to the  Almstead Island: Newcomers Club series and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Will is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription