Where the River Meets the Skye by Felicity Snow

Where The River Meets The Skye is a standalone MM Hurt/Comfort romance, full of all the feelings you could want, and more. It's an emotional journey.

"Only the strongest people ask for help."

From the blurb:

McKenzie doesn’t believe in God. River Dawson was raised in the church and his faith is the most important thing in the world to him. It gave him strength when he needed it most.

Despite their differences, the two men have been roommates, and best friends for ten years. But things get more complicated when Skye starts to realize that his feelings for his best friend aren't strictly platonic. That maybe the pull he feels towards River, the desire to comfort him, soothe him, chase away his demons, and make him smile goes deeper than he thought.

When River starts to face unexpected health issues Skye is there for his friend just like he always has been, and the feelings grow even deeper. But how can Skye say something when River is straight? And is he really the best fit for his friend given their differing beliefs?

But then River starts looking at him in ways he hasn’t before, and touching him in ways he hasn’t before, making Skye wonder if River is really straight after all, and if, maybe, there’s a chance for the happiness he’s longed for with the most amazing man he’s ever known. If maybe, River has feelings for him, too.

As time goes on, though, and River’s health issues get more complicated, can Skye be the anchor his friend needs? Can they be each other’s strength and courage when it looks like things are falling apart and the answers they seek aren’t coming?

Will they find joy amid all the heartache and doubt, and will their love be enough?

Where The River Meets The Skye is an 83k word best friends to lovers mm romance featuring a slow burn, bi awakening, hurt comfort, opposites attract, a religious mc, and past trauma. This story deals heavily with chronic pain and illness. It contains adult content and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18

CW: mentions and discussions of past SA, including a brief on page flashback, passing of a minor character, brief mentions of self harm

*Please read the Author's Note at the beginning of the book before proceeding.

GaleM's Review:

When a story has its own story,
When your heart sings in a way it never has before, just because of the presence of someone special in your life,
When someone's smile awakens all your senses in a way you've never experienced before,
When someone's pain is your pain
When someone's success is like your own,
When someone's joy is your joy,
When your love goes high and beyond the boundaries of friendship, without you realizing when it happened...

So many "When's" and only one answer : When River met Skye and When Skye met River, it was such a fateful moment that their lives flipped on their axis to take a new direction. Nine years of the most heartbreakingly beautiful, life-changing friendship I've ever seen described on a page. This book hit me so hard on such a deep level that it just shattered me to pieces. There aren't many people in real life who will turn their entire life upside down selflessly, without hesitation, and pour their whole heart and love into someone else's well-being. But we can pick up a book like this and dream for a few hours with River and Skye, following the path of their deep love for each other. A love that they never even knew existed, but that proved its existence in the way they faced every challenge life throws at them, only to come out the other side stronger, closer, wiser.

And Yes! I did repeat the word Love so many times! Intentionally! Because if love was book you can touch, this one is a real good example!

Miki J's review:

This is truly a story of love and acceptance and being there for each other through sickness and health. Keep the tissues handy because you'll go through quite a few of them...if not the whole box !!! This is a story of a couple of guys who are roommates in college and become very good friends..... until one realises that he's in love with the other.....who is his straight best friend. I loved how his ice wall melts....with disappearing dino's and sumo wrestlers...... They do fall in love, there's no doubt of that, but it's the struggles they face (and this book does span years) that will have you reeling and cheering and reeling again. Bittersweet love story and while it doesn't have that di$ney-HEA ....it does have a happy ongoing........

Where The River Meets The Skye is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription