Sparring Partners (Love's Harbour) by Ali Ryecart

Get ready for a bumpy road in SPARRING PARTNERS in this small town opposites attract romance. When two men get off on the wrong foot but have an undeniable need for the other this is what happens.

From the blurb:

Enemies at first sight, lovers at first kiss…

Manager of an exclusive spa hotel, Luca Graham thrives in the sleek world of high-end hospitality. His life is ordered and precise, until a rain-soaked run-in rocks his carefully cultivated universe to its core.

Blunt and uncompromising, local farmer Adrian Hardy has a past as stormy as his dark, brooding eyes. A stark contrast to Luca’s polished exterior, his mere presence is enough to make the hotelier’s buttoned-up collar feel too tight.

Every encounter is fraught with barely concealed animosity. Yet, beneath the bristling tension, their chemistry is off the charts. When these opposites finally collide, the explosion leaves them burning for more.

As their connection deepens and grows, each is forced to face hard truths about himself. Luca, dedicated to his glittering career, begins to question the sacrifices he’s made for success. Adrian, haunted by past betrayal, must confront whether he has the courage to trust his heart one more time.

The stakes are stripped down and real: Can these sparring partners take a risk and open themselves up to love, or do they live the rest of their lives in regret for what could have been?

**Expect to find enemies to lovers, small town, opposites attract, a touch of hurt/comfort, and a good load of steam**

Molly Otto's review:

Animosity is the word for these two and how they come to be. When they get off on the wrong footing, it's hard for either to move on because of a spark, neither can deny. Both have been burned in the past by those they should have trusted, making it hard to give hope for something new. These men couldn't be any different, yet they just work in a way that, let's be honest, wouldn't work for most couples. Yes, it's not a smooth ride but a worthwhile ride indeed. I will say very proud when certain demands were said for them to be able to move forward. Without that step, I don't think they could have made this work even when they are so right for each other.

Heather's review:

I'm not sure that I'd classify this as enemies to lovers - more grumpy/grumpy and a little dash of misunderstanding, but it was a fun read as they learn more about each other and learn that they both want the same things from life.  I will admit that this wasn't my favourite Ali Ryecart story, but I did enjoy watching these two come together for a sweet HEA.

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