Second Song (Second Chance School Book 1) by Con Riley

Trying to forget his past and move on, Rowan finds that maybe confronting mistakes and helping others is the best way forward. The quiet support of Liam, an injured former soldier, gives Rowan strength and also allows Liam to start caring for something again.

From the blurb:

Second Song (Second Chance School #1)

Page-turning heat and hurt-comfort start on a Cornish cliffside and end at a school where not only students heal from past pain.

Do first times count if you forget them?

Rowan: I once lost a national singing contest. My consolation prize? A night I can’t remember and the tattoo on my bare bottom going viral. Six years later, I’m ready to rise like a phoenix from those shameful public ashes even if my singing days are over. Training as a music teacher is the second chance I need to prove I can be trusted to help children with their own trauma.

I can’t get distracted by falling for the wounded hero who saved me on my first day in Cornwall.

Liam: Blast damage forced me to leave the Army, and guilt keeps me running from those I hurt in the process. I don't intend to fall for a pretty stranger trapped on a cliffside, but something about Rowan makes me crave more than our one heated night together, especially when he responds like I’m the first man to ever touch his heart or body.

If he wants a second chance here in Cornwall, I’ll stay and fight until he gets one.

Featuring a musician too bruised to sing and the soldier ready to battle for him, Second Song starts the Second Chance School series. Expect found family, a spectrum of diverse characters, and a HEA fit for angsty heroes.

This spin-off shared-world series aligns with the much-adored Learning to Love series. No prior knowledge is necessary to enjoy this standalone full-length novel.

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SNik's review:

First in series (Second Chance School). Hurt/comfort. Found family. Dual POV. Heed content warnings.

Rowan is a talented musician hoping for a new beginning as a music therapy teaching assistant for a boarding school in Cornwall, hopefully far away from his past mistakes as a former singing contestant. Former soldier Liam doesn’t mind rescuing the beautiful man risking his life for a lamb, but Rowan sparks something in Liam making him actually want to try and be close to someone again.

This is a beautifully written story about two battered young men that find safety, comfort and unexpected love as they overcome their personal struggles and support each other. Liam’s ability to be so in tune with Rowan’s hesitations and happiness is beyond swoony, and Rowan’s personal strength in attempting to overcome his past is relatable and admirable. Both these characters are so likable and the supportive secondary cast that surrounds them makes this such an uplifting read. An emotional start to this new series.

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