Seamark by Cari Z

On an isolated island a dragon shifter finds himself falling for an enemy of his people. Can Morgan find happiness with his chosen mate or are they doomed to be separated?

From the Seamark blurb:

A distant island in the blustery north holds a secret - a clan of shapeshifting sea dragons called the Agnarra, all but wiped out by humans a generation ago. For Morgan, a lone artistic soul among his practical people, life on the island is incredibly boring. That is, until a human ship explodes on the horizon, causing fear among the clan.

In the aftermath, Morgan finds a human in the water - Auban - badly injured and with no memory of his past. As Morgan nurses him back to health, he can't help but fall in love. But their love is forbidden - Morgan's people, especially his fierce older brother, would kill Auban if they knew he existed. It's up to Morgan to keep him a secret until they can find a way for him to escape the island.

But secrets never last, and neither does the Agnarra's new peace. War is coming, and Morgan must use all of his wits and Auban's help to save his clan from annihilation.

Seamark is an M/M fantasy romance featuring dragon shifters, hurt/comfort, and a slow-burn love affair that turns white hot by the end.

Angel's review:

When I first started this book I had a difficult time getting into it. The style in which it's written gave off historical tones, and I don't typically favor that type of style. However! As I kept reading I was able to fully dive into the story completely and ended up quite enjoying it!

I found the Agnarra people to be fascinating, I don't think I've read a book with characters such as the ones as in this story before! I liked that they had a sea dragon form and a human one, and that they could change what form they wanted to be in by choice. I adored Morgan's character, and I definitely can relate to his aversion to exercise. His comments on the subject were full of humor, and made me smile. His and Garen's friendship was so beautiful, and full of love and care. I really enjoyed the dynamic these two had together. And while Morgan's relationship with Brevaer was strained, there was still love and care between these two men.

Now Auban's character is a bit of a mystery due to the fact of him losing his memory. I kept thinking that as the book went on his memory would gradually come back to him. While he did vaguely remember some things, he never fully got his memory back. His character stayed as mysterious as he was when Morgan first met him. The plot twist with Auban's character was such a surprise!! I did not see that coming, and I loved it! It made the plot SO much more intriguing cause it added another depth to it.

All in all, a really great story, with a new take on mates, and full of happy ever afters.

SNik's review:

Standalone. Paranormal fantasy. Shifter. Amnesia. Slow burn. Single POV.

This story is really about Morgan’s life with his sea dragon shifter clan as they survive on a small island trying to stay hidden from the humans that have hurt them in the past. When Morgan discovers a human survivor from a recent ship explosion he renders aid, realizing that he must help Auban heal and leave the island before anyone finds out. Morgan knows his clan will never accept him having feelings for a human, so there is no future for them as a couple.

There is not a lot of relationship building, even though Auban and Morgan eventually realize they are mates. Morgan is a likable character, not really fitting in and having dreams of something different for his life, and his relationships with his best friend and brother were relatable and the ties strong. There is a story twist, some heart wrenching confrontations, some steam and some action. All around an entertaining read.

Seamark is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription