Rookie Recovery (Bobcat Boys Book 1) by Jemma Croft & Lex Veia

Lex Veia and Jemma Croft team up in Rookie Recovery, book one of the Bobcat Boys Series. This is grumpy sunshine age gap read with lots of spice and humor.

Jamie is reminded of hockey everyday and certainly won't consider a relationship with an up and coming hockey phenom new to the team, no matter how much chemistry they have. Bowie's priority is hockey, but he can't let go of his crush on the team's buttoned-up and gorgeous PT, and he'll do anything to get his wish.

From the blurb:

Jamie Sullivan does not date hockey players. As the PT for the Bringham Bobcats, he knows they're loud, cocky, and more trouble than they’re worth. Not to mention painful reminders of the career ripped from his grasp a decade ago—a past he’s desperate to leave behind. All he needs to do is finish his business course and open his own practice to be free of hockey forever. It’s all going according to plan, until a dirty-mouthed young hotshot who won't take no for an answer waltzes into his office, and Jamie’s forced to reconsider whether he’s ready to give up on the game.

They call him a rising star, so why does Archie Bowman still feel like a rookie? Maybe it’s the number of times he’s been traded in his short career. Maybe it’s the homesickness for the family, biscuits, and rugby he left behind in Britain. Or maybe it’s how, despite everyone else buying his cocky act, he still isn’t sure he belongs in the big leagues.

When an old shoulder injury resurfaces a few weeks before the season starts, Bowie's dream is at stake, and Jamie is just the doc to help him get it back. That is, if their blossoming relationship doesn't cloud their judgment ...

* Age gap
* Grumpy sunshine
* Spicy
* Lots of humor
* Brit & American

Molly Otto's review:

What a great pairing of two authors! Loved the Brit vs. Amercan sense of humor playing off one another. Jamie is the PT for the Bobcats after a career ending injury that shouldn't have happened if he took his recovery as he should have so now will do anything in his power to stop history from repeating itself on his team. Bowie is traded to the team to make his NHL debut, but when he is injured, it's time to heal. With the help of Jamie, he starts to see he is more than just hockey, even if it is a priority. These two have snark for days, and yes, you kind of want to smack both here and there when being stubborn, but they are hockey players, so really is anyone surprised. Loved all the British idoyisms and having Bowie teach share his lov3 of his homeland to help quell the ache of missing his family and home.
This is so completely different from other books I've read from these authors, and I'm happy to say I enjoyed this as well. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds with these authors.

SNik's review:

First in series (Bobcat Boys). Grumpy/sunshine. Age gap. Slow burn. Dual POV.

Jamie has a love-hate relationship with hockey, and he’s almost ready to leave his position as a pro hockey team physiotherapist and open his own practice. The newest player to the Bobcats, Bowie plays into the brash and confident British persona everyone expects of him, but underneath it all he’s still young and unsure, but one thing he is sure of is his attraction to Jamie.

It takes a while in the book (in the story only several weeks) for Bowie and Jamie to move forward into a relationship, during which we learn a lot about Bowie and Jamie’s personal backgrounds, their hopes and dreams, and their fears. The second half of the book is my favorite, where Bowie and Jamie really lean into their relationship, have some fun and romantic adventures as well as plenty of steamy times. Both Bowie and Jamie are relatable, Bowie with his homesickness and fears of never making a life in hockey, and Jamie with his cautious and regret-filled controlled life. A sweet story with two men that love hockey and love each other just as much.

Rookie RecoveryRookie Recovery is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription