Outplayed by Courtney W. Dixon

Outplayed explores what happens when two straight guys start fooling around. And even if Aspen and Cooper agree nothing more will come of it, maybe they have found something special that's worth changing all the expectations.

From the blurb:

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


Cooper Summers is a rising football star at the University of Texas. And he happens to be my new roommate. He’s amazing and surprisingly chill. It doesn’t take us long to form a strong friendship. But serendipity is a funny thing. I suddenly find myself wanting to explore my sexuality with Cooper. Let’s just say he’s hot. The only problem is that we’re both straight, and Cooper is especially so. Will he go along with my crazy idea? All I need to do is ask.

Aspen Harper is a singer in a band, the most easy-going person I’ve ever met, a total hippie. But he also has his quirks, like walking around naked and carrying his pet rat on his head. After a night of heavy drinking, Aspen stumbles into my bed and comes up with the craziest idea. He wants to explore our sexuality together, but only for fun. Nothing serious. I’ve been struggling to get over my last girlfriend, so I agree with his ridiculous idea. The problem is that I like him more than I should.

Outplayed is an MM, double bi-awakening, friends to lovers, forced proximity, roommates, college romance.

SNiK's Review:

Standalone. Roommates. Friends to lovers. Dual POV.

Cooper has always felt the weight of his parents expectations, but he wishes he could just play football and possibly go pro. When he meets his new roommate Aspen, Cooper is impressed with Aspen’s ability to live his life freely, especially when Aspen suggests a friends with benefits arrangement.

Aspen and Cooper’s friendship really blooms into something sweet, and when they decide to experiment together there are super steamy times and it’s fun to see them learn and grow together into something that definitely edges deeper feelings. Aspen and Cooper really try to be honest in their communication, and are supportive of each other in their personal interests and goals which I really enjoyed. There’s enough hesitation and family problems from Cooper to make this a little angsty and enough supportive characters and hopefulness from Aspen to make it swoony. An entertaining and fun read.

Reed Kaye's Review:

Where to even start with this. My heart broke for Cooper most of the way through the story. He is a guy who just wants to get love from his parents and no matter how hard he tries to do what they want he just doesn’t feel he can get their acceptance. He is playing football in college with his parents' plans for him becoming a doctor or another type professional after he graduates. The problem is he just wants to play football. He has to find somewhere to live while attending college and has so far had no luck when he runs across Aspen. Right from the beginning Aspen is totally unexpected. His pet is not the everyday variety. His actions and lifestyle are not conventional yet they are comfortable and happy as roommates until things change.

Aspen comes from a hippy family who are loving and accepting. He has learned to live a life totally accepting who he is. When the attraction between these two come into play, Aspen knows it's an unacceptable relationship for Cooper’s career and also his family. There are parts of this story that easily brought on the tears. So much of the story is heartbreaking. Both characters are so likeable. Their friends are ones anyone would want for friends. I hope there are more stories with these characters.

Nedra's Review:

Are we expected to choose a side, because both of these characters have their respective dispositions and personalities to fall into. The depth of which Connor forced himself was completely unnecessary and the blame lies solely on his parents, which is made evident towards the end. But, fires ignited upon initial contact and never seemed to dull.

The hardships that which these two endure could have been so much worse, luckily, Aspen’s family was more than supportive of their newfound love. Connnor’s final willingness to accept his sexuality and feelings for Aspen was the icing on the cake 🎂! The innocence of their “bro-jobs” was absolutely adorable, no rushing into their actions with both having the patience of a saint.

Such a beautiful story of double biawakening, with all the feels and emotions included! Such an incredible journey of acceptance and admiration for those walking the thin line of truth and conviction, witnessing their struggles along the way.

Heather's Review:

Who knew Courtney W. Dixon could write a fairly low angst, innocent, college romance that still has heart wrenching family drama?  I absolutely love Connor and Aspen, both individually and as a couple... and the double bi-awakening through bromance is both sweet and fun.  I like how both men grow into their feelings and their understanding of themselves and how they handle their respective families.  This is full of great college/new adult situations and the roommates to lovers trope works really well.

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