My Demon Teacher (My Demon Charming: An Instalove Novella Trilogy Book 2) by Rhys Lawless


Book 2 of the Demon Charming trilogy takes our duo to college. MY DEMON TEACHER is still as vengeful as the first, just at a lower angst scale.

From the blurb:

I've got a second chance at life.   

And I'm not wasting it. I'm making my dreams come true and attending the prestigious Lockwood Academy for young witches and Nightcrawlers.
Life couldn't be better.

If only there weren't sinister forces at play.
It doesn't take me long to realize there are still people in this world that want to hurt me. To use me and my newfound powers.

Good thing my Demonology 101 teacher is there to keep me safe.
Lucian promised to always protect me and he'll do whatever it takes to do just that.
Even risk his new teaching position at Lockwood.
But maybe that won't be enough and I'll lose my freedom once more.

My Demon Teacher is a dark urban fantasy romance novella featuring a young ambitious student, a headstrong demon teacher, a growing instalove bond and some very evil men drunk on power.

Trigger warnings for violence and murder.

Molly Otto's Review:

Yu-jin and Lucian are learning the depths of their new bond and this new world where Yu-jin is free. Lucian takes a job at his school to protect his Yu-jin, yet with that boys luck, a safe distance is not always the best decision. More people learn of his eldritch roots and want the power for themselves, which leads to more changes that will forever affect our pair. One more story to go, and I, for one, cannot wait to see how this plays out.

Jacquie's Review:

My Demon Teacher is a fast-paced novella that takes places almost immediately after the events of part 1.

Lots of action, a side of steam, including tail shenanigans. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Yu-Jin is a great MC and I'm loving Lucien's possessiveness and how he would burn the world down for his mate.

Looking forward to the next part.

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