My Darcy by Lily Morton; Narrated by Joel Leslie

The Heart 2 Heart story, My Darcy was released as a standalone story along with an audiobook recently. Jacquie listened to it and shares her review.

From the blurb:

Freddie Evans is flamboyant, funny, and a lifelong fan of Jane Austen’s love stories which is how he
ended up as a guide on a tour bus. He firmly believes in happily ever afters and would love to find his own with his best friend, Darcy.

Driving a Jane Austen tour bus isn’t the most exciting side job in the world, but to Darcy Griffiths, it represents precious time with his best friend Freddie, who’s the guide. He’s loved him since they were teenagers but has never had the nerve to tell him.

Secrets and feelings become revealed as Freddie and Darcy deal with overly amorous newlyweds and arguments over seat allocations. What will Freddie do when he finally realises his very own Mr Darcy is right under his nose?

This novella originally appeared in the Heart2Heart charity anthology, and no new content has been added.

Jacquie's Review:

These are the kinds of stories that Lily Morton excels at. My Darcy was a lovely friends-to-lovers story with enough packed in to never feel like you are missing out on a full story.

As a Jane Austen fan, I enjoyed the little details about the tour and the characters on the bus.

Darcy and Freddie (Captain Wentworth like name there) are just two hopeless best friends who have been in love with each other since the start, but neither had the courage to say anything, never believing the other had feelings. The Heart 2 Heart app changes that, along with some older lady meddling.

Joel Leslie does a great job bringing these characters to life.

My Darcy is available to buy from Audible