Kicks by Kristian Parker

Dive back into the world of dildos, vibrators and cock rings to catch up with our favorite pleasure seekers!

Billy is trying to keep his head above water taking care of the family business and his younger sister. Eddie is all about the sale, but when he wants more from Billy he regrets their business connection. Love and sacrifice surround Billy and Eddie as they try for their HEA.

From the Kicks blurb:

Eddie Channing has never bothered with a career. Yet somehow he’s become the best salesman at Pleasure Seekers. When his boss makes a shock announcement, Eddie isn’t just fighting for his job—his whole life as he knows it is at stake.

Enter Billy Webster. A Brighton shop owner still grieving the loss of his mother as well as raising his teenage sister, he could hold the answers to all of Eddie’s problems…if Eddie can screw a good chunk of commission out of him. But Eddie, who’s as chilled about his love life as he is about his professional one, is shaken to the core when he first sets eyes on Billy. Can he lie to him straight away, and keep the deception going if they become involved?

And what will happen if the truth comes out, to Eddie, Billy and any relationship they’ve built?

Trigger warning – elements of grief for the loss of a mother (off page).

Nedra's review:

Another compelling addition to the Pleasure Seekers series! These three characters are hilariously entertaining and peeking into each one’s personal world allows that much more excitement! It was great catching up with Tyler and Scott, especially with Scott’s antics. But it was Eddie’s turn for love, and did Kristian deliver him a nice surprise on a platter.

Billy was such a kindhearted man, always looking out for the best for his sister but never taking time for himself. At least Crystal was old enough to know…..
Their family dynamic was sweet, looking out for each other and eventually being sensible at the end. It always amazes me when the youngest sibling is the wisest. Or maybe that’s because their feelings aren’t as involved.

Loved getting to know Harry and Kim, who’s an undercover freak waiting to come out. From what I’ve read, Harry grew up a lot with taking care of his family, but he was there when needed. I do need to know Kim’s reaction to the news about the shop, though! And hopefully, Scott finds him a man soon because Tyler and Eddie are going to drive him bonkers with their coupling 🤷🏽‍♀️

SNik's review:

Second in series (Pleasure Seekers), can be read as a standalone but might be more fun if read in order. Found family. POC representation. Dual POV.

Raising his younger sister and trying to keep his family’s shop open, Billy decides to branch out and offer sex toys from the shop’s prime location. Eddie is a leading salesman for Pleasure Seekers and making a deal with Billy will help him get an important promotion, but the attraction between them makes the contract seem unfair.

This story felt a little instalove as Eddie and Billy are not only attracted to each other but feel immediately drawn into a relationship with both men envisioning a future together and it worked for me. Billy and Eddie are both likable characters, there are great supportive secondary characters and I very much enjoyed the story. This was well written with feel-good emotions all around, I only wish we could get a glimpse of their HEA a few years later. This has been a fantastic series so far and I really can’t wait for Scott’s story.

Kicks is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription