Just a Taste by Briar Prescott

Marriage out of convenience is always a nice idea to read. It's one of the tropes that isn't done all too often in such a way like Briar.

From the Just a Taste blurb:


So... I’m getting married.
Just three minor details: my husband-to-be is technically also my step-brother, he’s straight, and we’re absolutely nowhere in the vicinity of being in love.
Only then comes the you-may-kiss-your-husband part. Turns out kissing your husband is a terrible idea because it makes you have strange thoughts you’ve never had before.
Turns out that kissing my husband makes me question everything I know about myself.
It's fine. It doesn't have to mean anything. Just a blip on the radar. I'll leave it be.
But then I find out I’m not the only one who’s having ideas because of that kiss.
And we do something incredibly stupid and give in to temptation.
And again.
And again.
Until something casual and temporary turns into something very different.
Something unexpected.
Something serious.
Something terrifyingly real.
Now I'm determined to show Lake how good the two of us could be together.
Because with him? Just a taste will never be enough.

Autumn's review:

I normally don't read books that involve sports. But Briar made this book more than just another sports romance. Plus, hockey is like the only sport I can stand in real life, so maybe that made it a tiny bit easier to read through.

There were parts of this book that could have been left out, like the marriage. It really had no effect on the whole outcome, but overall, the book was well written and I was able to finish it.

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