Immersion Play (Leather and Lattes Book 1) by Katherine McIntyre

While the storyline is similar to many others the story is not. Kat hit the perfect notes throughout this story with her characters, their relationships and the depth of their connections.

Katherine McIntyres all new kink friendly series starts now! Immersion Play is a hurt comfort learning to accept your true self through found family and the love of kink.

From the blurb:

One bratty boy searching for somewhere to call home, one damaged Daddy Dom looking to escape his grief, and one kinky found family ready to help them both heal.

Micah’s starting over. He left his old life in the middle of the night and showed up in San Francisco on a job tip from a friend. However, when Meg hires him at Whipped, he not only enters a new city but also a whole new world with this cozy crew of kinksters. And one man continues to catch his attention again and again.

Parker doesn’t do relationships. After his mom died and his father became a shell of himself, he swore never to let anyone wreck him like that. Except Micah’s gotten under his skin. The hot new barista at Whipped isn’t as vanilla as they all thought, and he’s the brattiest boy that Parker could’ve ever dreamed of playing with. The connection between them? Incendiary.

However, the deeper their relationship grows, the more Micah’s realizing he can’t just be casual with Parker—not anymore. The man’s made a mark on his soul, inspired dreams Micah had never even thought to reach for. But if Parker isn’t willing to bend his rules to risk his heart, the two of them are definitely going to break.

Enter Whipped, a unique cafe that caters to coffee and kink addicts alike...

Shawn's review:

This book is absolutely perfect with its found family love and comfort. With its epic chemistry between Micah and Parker, and with its struggles and challenges that get resolved. But beyond those things it’s the feelings this book evoked in me as I read it. I wasn’t just reading, I was experiencing everything and was transported into the book. Kat has set the bar high with this first book I to this series and I can not wait to see where she goes from here!

Molly Otto's review:

Welcome to leather and lattes, and oh boy, get ready for a deeper kinkier side to Katherine McIntyre writing. When entering the kink scene, remember it's all about consent, and if both parties are not comfortable, this will not work. The kink rep is top notch, the found family aspect is so beautiful that these people mean so much to each other. From first interaction at Whipped, these two men own each other. They just have to work past their grief and learn to accept life as it is to be able to get the love they deserve.

The emotions are palpable. You feel all their pain, the love the group shares for one another. It's just that perfect balance of hot af fun, along with pure emotion.
If book 1 starts this brilliant, I can not wait to see what's next in this universe.

Reed Kaye's review:

This is the first in a new series. I really enjoyed the story. The story gave a little history on Micah and Parker that gave a feel for where they are at in present times and the reason they feel the way they do. Both characters are lovable. Both have issues that are hard or near impossible to overcome. They have an instant attraction. They are very compatible. The center setting, a kink cafe, makes for an interesting place. The secondary characters are awesome. It isn’t often there is such a close friendship that these people have not only for their lifestyles but for their caring of each other. I think the ending is perfect for the story.

Heather's Review:

Immersion Play takes the cozy kink that we've seen woven through previous Katherine McIntyre stories and puts it center stage in this steamy story that combines emotions, kink and real world problems into a craveable narrative that kept me hooked from beginning to end.  I love that this book sets the stage for more of what we will see at Whipped - found family, cozy kink and more HEAs!  I can't wait to see what happens next.

Nicole's Review:

I adored Parker and Micah! Their chemistry together was instant and on a whole other level. This is a true hurt/comfort story though, and the way that the author was able to showcase the depth of their feelings and inner demons drew me right in. I also love a good kinky story, which there was a lot of! I'm quite excited at the spectrum of couples that Leather and Lattes has planned. The found family of the kink cafe will be so fun to explore! This ties loosely to the Dungeons and Dating series, but I read it perfectly fine without having read all of those.

Immersion Play is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription