Holding on to a Hero (Bent Oak, Texas Book 1) by Bix Barrow; Narrated by Declan Winters

A lot of suspense mixed with some sexy spicy 🌶️ times in Holding on to a Hero!

From the blurb:

A retired movie star, his bodyguard, and a wildlife photographer bond over some beavers. No, the furry kind. Wait....

Weddings should be life-changing for the bride and groom, but not for the photographer. A deadly accident at the last one I worked left me scarred physically and mentally. At least the insurance payout means I can live as I please.

These days that means taking photos of wild animals instead of wild bridezillas. But photographing some cute beavers leads me to a nearby ranch—and the wrong end of a shotgun. Turns out the place belongs to Cole Washburn, newly retired A-list action movie star, and he doesn't want anyone finding out how close he is to his former bodyguard. Not that I'd ever out anyone, but they don't know that. Trusting a stranger is hard under the best of circumstances.

Speaking of hard, that's exactly what things start to get as soon as I have a chance to explain myself. Hard to open up to them, hard to walk away—and very hard to ignore what my body and heart are telling me.

After one very naked weekend, I'm all in. But Cole and Jason have each other. Can I trust them when they say there's room for me, a guy with a bad back, a messed-up brain, and not much else to recommend him?

Before I can find out for sure, a shooter tries to take Cole down—but I'm the one who lands in the hospital. Cole and Jason are on the run, leaving me behind. Reuniting us will take a cross-country flight, a road trip with an angsty cat, and a hare-brained plan, but together we can catch the person who shot me. Or die trying.

Holding on to a Hero is a super steamy, three-person POV, suspenseful MMM thriller/romance, infused with humor, heart...and a thrilling ending you'll never see coming!

Nedra's review:

First off, I have to start this review by letting everyone know that I had absolutely NO idea this was a MMM story so talk about such a great surprise!! There was a very intense, captivating storyline that made me stay tuned throughout the entire process. And wtf?! The shooter completely threw me for an entire loop!!

Now, one of the most difficult aspects of an audio recording consisting of three different men, is finding the right narrator for the part. Declan Winters was a great narrator for two, but I was let down by the third person. He did attempt to make a difference in voices, there were just too many similarities between two for me. It doesn’t take away from the story, though!

Holding on to a Hero is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription