Faithful by N.N. Britt (Graceless Duet book 2)

Dylan and Kai have a rough start. Dylan is sure Kai had something to do with killing his sister. The resolution is unexpected

From the Faithful blurb:

Some secrets aren’t meant to remain secret forever.

Ever since Iodine’s debut album propelled Kai to stardom, his every move is scrutinized on social media and in the tabloids. And after the recent scandal Kai has been dragged into, Dylan’s worst fears come true–Kai suggests putting their affair on pause. With Dylan closeted and Kai being the talk of the town, it's the smart thing to do.

It’s also harder than it seems.

Because neither of them is ready to let go. Kai breaks his own rules and reaches out to Dylan again and again. While they continue to indulge in late-night texts and calls, Dylan finally begins to slowly unravel the mystery behind Kai’s scars–the scars Kai refuses to talk about.

As Dylan comes to terms with the true nature of his feelings for Kai, and the two admit their relationship is more than a fling, Dylan's father takes an unexpected interest in his life. He could end Kai's career with a word.

Now Dylan must do the unthinkable–stand up to the man who's always terrified him, or risk losing the man he loves.

Faithful is the conclusion of Dylan and Kai’s story and should be read after Graceless.

Reed Kaye's review:

The first part was intense and I was so glad I could immediately have the finishing part of the duet.

All the way through I held my breath for Dylan. He is so under his fathers thumb that when he decides to be a little independent his dad really hands out punishment.

There are so many issues to this story. Kai’s history is surprising. His personality is much brighter than I would have expected from what he has suffered.

Dylan might be from a wealthy family but that doesn’t solve all the things he has endured.

I feel the author did a great job of answering so many questions and bringing the story to a great conclusion. I only wish, what had happened to Hayden had been answered. Since this is a duet I don’t expect that will ever be answered. I will watch for more from this author but I will never start a story until I know all is available. The intensity of the cliffhanger is too much if I had had to wait.

Faithful is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription