Embracing Magic (A Collection of Familiars Book 2) by Toby Wise

The Collection of Familiars is back with Embracing Magic where it's Caspers time to find his mate and spark. EMBRACING MAGIC is a low angst feel good story.

From the blurb:

Casper, with a magical compass in hand, hits the road to find his spark.   
He’s not sure what to expect but he certainly isn’t prepared for his spark, Ray, to not know that she’s living in a world surrounded by the supernatural. Casper’s determined to do everything in his power to help Ray embrace her magic.

Zeke is a banshee who helps usher ghosts into the afterlife. The last thing he’s expecting is to find his true mate during one of these hunts. As happy as Zeke is, he can’t help but worry how his mate will react when Casper learns he’s mated to a monster.

Embracing Magic is book two in A Collection of Familiars. This MM book features a platonic familiar/spark bond, true mates, a lion familiar falling for a banshee, self acceptance, mpreg, and of course a happily ever after!

Molly Otto's Review:

Toby proves yet again why he is the best at writing low angst omegaverse stories that just leave you smiling. This time is Caspers turn to find his mate and spark leads him to a trio of ghost hunters that happen to be all connected to him. This time, we get to meet a banshee, Zeke, who has a hard time accepting what he is, but with the support of his mate, he is able to see he's perfect as he is. As with Toby's previous works, just be ready for a nice relaxed journey with hot, intimate times and powerful bonds. Up next is Harbor, a familiar who can't keep his thoughts inside, and oh boy can not wait to see who he ends up and what kind of familiar he will end up being.

Angel's Review:

Toby's stories are always so cute and full of love and acceptance. The bond all of Casper's cousins have with one another is such a joy to read about, their dialogue and banter is so enjoyable to read. I also like how supportive they all are as well, they offer support, guidance, advice, and love, no matter what. It's really beautiful!

Ray and Page are hilarious together! They definitely added humor to this story, along with switching things up. I love that those two are not only fated mates, but that they also are so in love with one another.

Zeke's character I found to be interesting, I don't think I've ever read a book about a banshee before, so this was really new and unique to me. I think Toby did a terrific job with explaining what a banshee is, what they can do, and what their attributes are. Casper and Zeke help each other with seeing the good in themselves, rather than only seeing the negatives. I found the concept of the MC's helping ghosts move on by talking to them, was really good and written well! I almost teared up when Ray and Casper helped the girl spirit move on.

Overall another great fated mate story by Toby! I'm looking forward to continuing to read this series, and see who else these cousins are going to meet.

Embracing Magic is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription