A Little's Valentine's Party: Featuring Jacob & Orion (Daddies and Littles) by TL Travis

Do you ever wish you could just check in on some of your favourite characters?  A Little's Valentine's Party gives us that chance with Orion, Jacob and their daddies...

From the blurb:

Come one, come all to a Little Valentine’s Party!

Orion and Jacob’s excitement couldn’t be contained. Their daddies signed them up and were on a mission to ensure healthy treats would be served to all who attended.

But what happens when another little sneaks in some sugary snacks?

A sugar filled day and a room full of littles. What could go wrong?

Heather's review:

If you enjoy a short story with sugar highs, glitter and sweet littles, than you'll appreciate the sweet story that also teases a future Daddy/Little story.  There's no steam, but there is plenty of sweet!

A Little's Valentine's Party is currently available as an e-book