Wild At Heart by Christina Lee and Riley Hart

Riley Hart & Christina Lee have teamed up again for Wild At Heart. In this second chance romance two men learn to accept the past and move forward for a better future.

From the blurb:

I’ve always known what my future had in store: inheriting the family ranch and having myself a wife and kids to carry on the Sullivan name. Porter Dixon never factored into those plans. We may have spent our teenage years sneaking away to lose ourselves in each other, but he always held me at arm’s length…until the day he up and left without so much as a goodbye.  

After everything I’ve lost in my life, it’s important that I keep myself tightly guarded. Especially around Bishop Sullivan. Dad would be rolling in his grave if he found out I was shacking up with a Sullivan, given the bad blood between our families. But eleven years after leaving, I’m back in Laurel Springs with something to prove: I don’t need the Sullivans, nor their land.

Except, damn it all, Bishop has this way of burrowing under my armor. The magnetic draw between us is still too hard to ignore, and what starts out as boss and ranch hand quickly turns into stolen moments and simmering encounters that make it hard to stay angry.

I want to think that love can conquer all and tame my wild heart…but the past isn’t so easy to forget.

CW: References to familial history as well as a side character dealing with alcoholism

Molly Otto's Review:

When you see a co-write coming from Christina Lee & Riley Hart, you know you are in for a treat, and Wild at Heart doesn't disappoint. Porter & Sully have been on opposite sides of a family feud their entire lives, yet have always been drawn together. When tragedy strikes once again for Porter, he decides it time to move on and see where the wind takes him.
Years later, Porter lands back at Sullivan Ranch, not knowing why, but he still feels part of him belongs on this land. Their years apart don't tamper their attraction, but too many secrets are still hidden. When the secrets do come out, these men show what kind of pure bond they have built. A truly beautiful second chance romance in starting over and building something better. Will say this is not as angsty as I feared from these two co-writing, but that doesn't mean their isn't that perfect amount that conveys how powerful of a relationship they build.

SNiK's Review:

Standalone. Second chance. Childhood friends. Found family. Dual POV.

For five years Porter and Bishop were friends and no one knew they eventually became more than that, even after Porter left abruptly when they were both eighteen years old. Eleven years later Porter is back to work on the ranch that his family always insisted was theirs, to show the Sullivan family his skills with horses and maybe to prove something.

Bishop and Porter can’t deny they still have feelings, and the pining and chemistry soon becomes too hard to deny. My favorite parts were the flashbacks to when they were younger and of course anytime Bishop and Porter were on page together, especially the steamy times. There were certainly points where I got a little teary reading, the loss of their chance to be together when they were younger was heartfelt. Learning to trust again, forgiving old hurts to be with your special person, and being brave together, Bishop and Porter were definitely a couple to root for.

Rogue's Review:

This is a standalone cowboy romance, and I'll be honest, I went in blind as I love both authors and I was pretty sure it'd be great. I wasn't disappointed, it was emotional, heartfelt, raw and completely addicting.

Porter and Bishop (Sully) had an illicit hidden affair when they were both very young, Sully being the son of the owner of the ranch where Porter was working. Said ranch is also disputed to be stolen from Porter's family a couple of generations ago, and there's some bad blood because of it. After Porter's mother passes, Porter leaves the ranch and cuts off all contact with Sully. He comes back years later and they reconnect.

I liked both guys. Porter has been through a lot, he's not had an easy life but being a ranch hand and cowboy is something he's good at, he's excellent with horses, but is also full of rage at how badly he's been treated and how hard he's had it in comparison with Sully. Sully, for his part is a good boss, he's fair and good to his ranch hands, and I think always truly loved Porter. I loved these two reconnecting, it's a slow build but it works for them, there's great chemistry between the two and I also loved the cast of supporting characters, from the other ranch hands to Sully's parents. There's of course one - maybe two flies in the ointment in the shape of Randy and the disputed ownership of the ranch.

It's such a good story, I loved the world building and I could almost see and touch the ranch, it was so vivid. I loved Porter and Sully, it's hot, sweet and they're complete when they're with each other.

I loved this so much.

Heather's Review:

A second chance romance with a ranch backdrop and lots of emotion and angst, co-written by Christina Lee and Riley Hart... it was a one-click...

and I wasn't disappointed.  This book had a slow build, learning to trust story that still gave plenty of steam and emotional reactions.  It was a seamless co-write and sucked me right into their world.  I loved the side characters, especially Pixie and Storm!  I can't wait to see what future co-writes from this duo will bring.

Wild At Heart is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription