When We Collide (A Forced Proximity M/M/M Romance) by Avril Ashton

Avril does it again with this intense book that follows Zander, Vince and Scotty.

From the blurb:

A desperate gunman and a Federal Marshal walk into a mechanic’s garage. Unfortunately for them, an assassin is waiting.

He might answer to a new name, but Zander remains a killer on the hunt. He moonlights as a mechanic, his nights spent plotting against the man who wiped out his family. He’ll wait however long he has to for revenge…until an armed stranger breaks into his garage one dark night.

U.S. Federal Marshal Vince Hardin is driving cross country, a futile effort to outrun heartbreak and the gunmen intent on ending him. Car trouble takes him to Zander’s place in time to meet the bullet of a desperate man’s gun.

All Scotty Fallon wanted was a reprieve from the memories haunting him since childhood. Breaking into Zander’s garage was a last resort. Finding himself trapped between a menacing assassin and a Federal Marshal? He doesn’t expect to see the sunrise.

As blood and secrets get spilled, danger turns to connection. Then passion. But soon, a new day arrives, bringing with it new enemies and tough choices that will leave hearts broken and the future of the most unlikely trio hanging in the balance.

When We Collide is a Forced Proximity M/M/M Romance between a bored assassin with a hidden agenda, a Federal Marshal trying to outrun bullets, and an innocent looking for an escape (no matter how brief). It features morally gray MCs, and mental health rep.

Please Note: Vince was first introduced in The Brooklyn Sinners series and while you don’t need to read those books first, the author strongly encourages it.

Chaoskay's review:

Zander ran away from his existing life as an assassin when he found out his Uncle Murray DuBois had lied to him. However little does he know his past is going to come crashing back thanks to Vince who’s a federal Marshal running from Murray DuBois and the hitmen he keeps sending to kill him. When his car breaks down it’s Zanders garage he turns to just in time to take a bullet from Scotty who broke into the garage not expecting Zander to be there. Scotty has a lot of issues brought on my his despicable uncle to keep him quiet he force him to take drugs so no one would believe what Scotty knew about him I really felt for Scotty he was so sweet.

When Zander realises who Vince is he uses him as bait to get his uncle to tell the truth about his family but the more time he spends with Scotty and Vince the more he waivers and in the end he tells them to go.
This was such a great book the characters were fabulous the plot was fantastic and the spice was hot hot hot, each character grew and changed throughout the story especially Scotty. Each one of them had to make some hard decisions about people in their life who had betrayed them.

What made it even better as the cameos from several characters from previous books and oh boy have certain ones not changed a bit except maybe got a bit more annoying 😆 but now I want to go read the ones I’ve not already read.

When We Collide is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription