Thrill (Pleasure Seekers Book 1) by Kristian Parker

Tyler is looking forward to his new job, and when he meets coworker Danny, things look even brighter. Their chemistry is off the charts, so maybe a relationship is possible, but both Danny and Tyler also have a lot of things to juggle while making sure they get their HEA.

From the Thrill blurb:

Tyler Jones is celebrating hitting his mid-thirties with a new job and it’s unlike anywhere he’s ever worked before. Pleasure Seekers is an sex toy retail company based in the seaside resort of Brighton.

On his first day, Tyler finds himself in a very sticky situation with the drop-dead gorgeous Danny Healy. This man is next-level handsome. When Danny offers to help Tyler become personally acquainted with some of the items the company sells online, the heat truly blasts off.

But Tyler has never been one for meaningless sex. When he gets to know Danny, he finds so much more than he ever expected. What could happen if the lines of their arrangement were blurred a little?

Trigger warning – discussion of historical emotional struggles and attempted suicide.

Reed Kaye's review:

This is the great start to a new series.

Tyler is starting a new job as head of procurement in a company that sells adult toys. He is given a tour of the company and there he runs into Danny.

Danny is a forklift operator who feels stuck in his no future job. He feels his life is stagnant. Then he gives Tyler a tour of the warehouse.

Both guys feel this instant attraction but neither are looking for a relationship.
I laughed at Tyler’s apartment issues. Even now Scott makes me smile.

I love Danny’s dad. He is so supportive of his son.

I feel this is an easy read, a comforting story. I’m glad it is the start of the series and can’t wait for Scott’s story.

SNik's review:

First in series (Pleasure Seekers). Coworkers. Found family. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Moving to a new town and starting a new job as a procurement manager, Tyler has to make sure he’s ready for his position at a booming sex toy company. Already working at the Pleasure Seekers warehouse for years, Danny is instantly attracted to the new management employee, and since the feeling is mutual they agree that a hook up experimenting with the company’s products is in order. 

I really enjoyed this story, both Danny and Tyler have backgrounds that explain their motivations, and the supportive secondary cast made of coworkers and family gave the book more depth. Danny was relatable, wanting something more from his life, and so was Tyler trying to be supportive but not always saying the right thing. Both characters were likable, and I appreciated that they came out and said they wanted something more and to try for a relationship, that kind of honest communication is swoony. Super steamy with a sweet romance, this book was a great start to a new series.

Nedra's Review:

The beginning was slower than his usual pace which was a bit more difficult for me to get into. But, once it got going, everything went smoothly.  Though it was fun experiencing a new, playful side of Kristian. Danny and Tyler were two opposites that came together with mischievous heat filled with toys, flavored lubricants and more! 

The side characters in this story were highly entertaining, unusually funny and very questionable. Though Tyler’s family were the questionable ones, they were handled well and were not looked down upon, taking the high road with class. But, Scott and Eddie, even Amanda were great additions to this new world! Cannot wait for more from the Pleasure Seekers crew, with an update on Danny’s new furniture store!

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