Down The Line (Jake's Bar Book 4) by AG Meiers

Down The Line is the series finale for Jake's Bar where the political and criminal danger is finally resolved. Can Dean and Noel navigate a second chance when they finally get to learn and support each other while dodging danger?

From the blurb:

Revenge is a Dangerous Obsession

Dean Hunt needs the story of a lifetime—Since his uncompromising attitude got him fired, the investigative journalist is hell-bent to expose the powerful and corrupt Conway family. It’s a career move, and absolutely not a vendetta against the oldest son Noel, who ghosted Dean after a mind-blowing weekend together.  

Noel Conway needs a new start—After years away, Noel has come home to rebuild the bridges he’s burned. Too bad his past caused a ripple effect he can’t outrun. Now, he’s asked to save his family from the one man he never expected to see again but can’t forget.

Dean is chasing front-page news, and Noel is trying to protect the ones he loves. But the line between enemies and lovers gets blurred when a dangerous criminal from Noel’s past resurfaces. Will the truth shatter their tentative trust? Or do they have a shot at happily ever after?

But none of that matters when suddenly Noel disappears…

Down The Line, the final book in the award-winning Jake’s Bar series, is a spicy, M/M romantic suspense featuring a rainbow-colored bar full of quirky characters, and all the romance you can handle. So, download today, and get ready to fall in love with Jake’s Bar.

SNiK's Review:

Fourth in series (Jake’s Bar), best if read in order due to overarching plotline and characters. Series finale. Suspense. Hurt/comfort. Slow burn. Found family. POC representation. Dual POV.

Dean Hunt is a journalist that is all about pursuing the story no matter how much it costs him, and due to past and recent hurts is his disregard for personal morals in order to uncover hidden truths. The wayward eldest son of a powerful political family, Noel has returned home in hopes of protecting his siblings, and reconnecting with Dean was not in his plans, but they are both skirting a danger and revenge that affects them both.

Dean and Noel are both damaged men trying to overcome their pasts in order to do the right thing, all the while constantly correcting missteps with each other as they navigate getting to know each other beyond their initial attraction. I appreciated Dean and Noel’s stumbling personal and relationship growth, their supportive friends and family, and that they felt no hesitation in comforting each other and admitting their faults. Sad to see this series end.

Down The Line is currently available as an e-book.