Cohesion (Chain Reaction Book 3) by Aurora Crane

The conclusion to the Chain Reaction series, Cohesion blends perfect poly relationships with heart stopping suspense. From beginning to end, it's a wild ride of feelings.

From the blurb:

Five men, one love story.

None of them knew how many pieces they were missing until they all slotted into place.   

Jericho thinks his life is complete, and that he doesn’t need anyone else. Quinn is sure he can never get back what he’s lost. Will wants to be a piece of someone’s heart, the hero of their story. Peyton fights his nightmares alone, struggling against the tide, his own dark thoughts an anchor. Sebastian’s hardened heart keeps him from letting anyone else in, too afraid to be hurt again.

Now real happiness, together, is within their grasp. Everything might be perfect if it weren’t for the man who wants all of their heads and won’t stop until he has them. It will take everything the five men have to reach for their happily ever after.

Molly Otto's Review:

Well, that is one way to conclude a series. This one has ALL the feels, and when you think you had enough, wham, you are hit with more. All I really can say is that this book was a masterpiece of a poly rollercoaster.

Each one of these men have their own faults and backgrounds that make them as they are. The previous instalments showed us more of their fun side, Whereas this one showed their serious side and what they do to show each other, this relationship can and will last. Each man is needed to make a perfect pentagon. This relationship wouldn't be as amazing as it is without all sides. Aurora is showing us what it is like to be a master of a poly relationship. Get ready for all the feels cause yeah, it's not an easy ride, but it is worth every word.

Angel's review:

I'm so sad that Will, Sebastian, Jericho, Quinn, and Peyton's stories have come to a close, and what a way to end their individual stories, along with ending their story together as a pentagon. I will say that when Jericho's character was first introduced in the second story, I wasn't a big fan of his addition. He just felt a bit.. stilted to me. However, in this story I got to read more about his character and who he is at his core, along with seeing his relationship with these men grow and develop into something special. With that being said, his character definitely won me over in this addition, all of these men fit so beautifully together.

The overarching plotline carried over from the previous books really well, I liked how events that happened in the previous stories were referenced to in this one, and the suspense that was built in this story was intense!! The action scenes were done in a breathtaking way, the big scene with Sebastian, Kendrick and Spencer made my heart simultaneously drop and speed up. The level of detail and the depth that Aurora achieved in not only this book, but this series is incredible. I was immediately invested in these characters once again, I needed to know what their outcome would be. Whether or not they would finally catch the guy/guys who brought them all together, if they would be able to talk about their pasts and help one another heal, if they could figure out a way to make things work between them all. I have to say, I was very, very, happy with the ending.

I'm not going to dive into the events that happened cause I don't want to spoil anything, all I'm going to say is this book is wonderful!! Something I love the most, (aside from the communication being a key point to making their relationship work), was the fact that they didn't try to make it seem as though anyone was perfect. I loved that message being talked about because I feel as though it's a really important one. The growth that all of these characters achieved from the first book to this one was so beautiful and I'm so glad that these men got their happy ending. And I'm also happy that Persephone got a furry friend. I'm really excited for Riley's story and maybe Kendrick and Spencer will get their own story at some point? One can hope!

Cohesion is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription