Audio Review: The Player by Felice Stevens Narrated by Blake Lockheart

The Player is a Nerd/Jock smalltown romance.  Keller returns to his hometown once his NFL career is 
over, and connects with Niall. The path of true love isn't easy, and Niall and Keller fight for their HEA.

From the blurb:

Friday night lights hide more than they reveal….   

When retired NFL superstar Keller Williams returns to his small town to coach his old high school football team, he’s surprised how much he enjoys being out of the limelight and on the field with the kids. Even more surprising is his immediate attraction to the father of one of his players—single dad Niall Harper.

Problem number one: Niall Harper isn’t gay.
Problem number two: Keller isn’t out to the world.
Problem number three: Niall hates his guts. And Keller has no idea why.

High school librarian Niall Harper has always done the right thing. Except be true to himself. Divorced and raising his teenaged son, Niall is dismayed to discover the new football coach is none other than his long-ago Friday night fantasy and nemesis. Not that it matters—Keller doesn’t remember him. It’s nothing new; Niall has always been easy to forget. Now Keller wants to be friends. And more. Niall can’t deny the annoying man makes him laugh and feel things he’d only dreamed possible. But would a player like Keller be satisfied with a regular guy like him?

Being together is more than complicated, but they are willing to take the risk. Niall reveals he’s dating his son’s coach, and Keller comes out to the team, his fans, the press, and small-town gossips. Neither is prepared for the fallout, but that doesn’t stop them. It’s time to throw the Hail Mary pass of a lifetime and win the game of forever. And they’re ready.

Lesetiger's Review:

I was really looking forward to this book. The Player is a story about a late coming out and a second chance, because Niall and Keller went to school together. Niall had eyes for Keller back then, but he didn't notice much about Niall at school. That changes when Keller becomes Niall's son's new football coach in high school. Keller was a professional football player and is now moving back to the small town where he grew up. I loved Keller. He's likeable, he does a great job coaching the kids, he has a troubled past and yet he's so lonely sometimes that you want to hug him.
Niall stayed in the small town, got married and had a supportive son with David. I found both Niall and David very likeable, they have a great father-son relationship. Niall also has a bit of a sad story, but overall he is content and happy with his life. But when Keller comes into his life, hidden feelings are rediscovered.
I liked the setting in the small town, Keller's positive attitude and that Niall finally dared to come out of his shell. I really liked the development of their relationship and their interactions.
The story captivated me very quickly, right from the start.
This didn't let up until the end and I was almost a little sad when the audiobook came to an end. I would have liked to find out a bit more about Keller and Niall's lives. I found the book entertaining, there were some intense and emotional moments and there were exciting parts too. I loved seeing the hope and the love.

The audiobook was narrated by Blake Lockhart who did a great job bringing the story to life. He portrayed the emotions believably and I think he has a pleasant voice that I found easy to listen to.

The Player is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription