You Don't Know Jack (Dads and Adages Book 2) by Anna Sparrows

On one of my infrequent visits to my personal TBR, I picked up Where There's A Will, which had been languishing since August and fell in love with Will and Connor's story and became intrigued by Will's adult sons... so when the opportunity to ARC Jack's story came up, I jumped at the chance to read You Don't Know Jack

From the blurb:

…And, apparently, neither does he.

At 31, Jack Bradford’s life is looking just the way he wants it to. He literally lives in paradise (Surfers Paradise, but who’s counting?), loves his job as a firefighter, has a great group of friends and all the freedom his heart desires and nothing is about to change that. At least, that’s what he thinks.

However, when a past lover comes knocking with an epic surprise of the ‘small human’ variety in tow, Jack’s perfectly curated life is upended. Hiring a nanny —a manny, in fact— to help him navigate unexpected parenthood couldn’t possibly complicate his situation any further, right?

(Spoiler alert: wrong!)

Meanwhile, Leo Martin knows that he’s not what most people imagine when they hear the words ‘nanny’ or ‘au pair’. At 21 years old, most guys his age generally run screaming from the thought of looking after small children, but not him. Nope.

Leo loves his job. It’s just the rest of his life that could use a spruce up, seeing as his recent breakup has left him homeless and his heart bruised. Naturally, being offered a job with room and board taken care of sounds like a dream…until he comes face to face with hot single dad, Jack, and discovers that he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

With Jack discovering parts of himself he never knew existed, and Leo attempting to maintain professional boundaries, how will they navigate their way to their Happily Ever After?

CW -Despite the bulk of the romance being tooth-rottingly sweet, this book does touch on some potentially triggering topics. These include some chauvinistic behaviours, ‘outing’ someone without their consent, the stress/trauma of raising children, self-doubt/anxiety, parental meddling, brief mentions of custody negotiations, mentions of cheating/infidelity (not on page or between the MCs), and discussion of homophobia and parental rejection.

Heather's Review:

First time dad... Bisexual awakening, boss/employee, age gap, outside interference, cute kids - all wrapped up in a gooey, sweet story with most of the angst coming from outside the main story.  This was a quick and easy read, with the only thing I wasn't really happy with coming along with the third act break up... but the HEA was worth it.

If you like watching a man learn to become a toddler parent, discover his bisexuality and fall for the manny, you'll definitely want to pick up You Don't Know Jack.  It can be read standalone, however there are many references to Where There's A Will and significant interaction with the mcs from that book that I highly recommend reading them in order.

You Don't Know Jack is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription