Where Exorcists Cannot Lie by Kasia Bacon

A new couple joins Kasia Bacon's the Order universe. Everyone knows demons don't commit, but a powerful exorcist can always hope.

From the Where Exorcists Cannot Lie blurb:

Tazãr Bao, an expert Exorcist for the Guild of Magic, is about to have his world turned upside down. Yet again.

When Tazãr enters a sanctuărium for the Mages to receive a restorative spiritual energy treatment, he is reunited with the last person he ever expected to encounter—an Alpha Demon, Inuel Morhh, the one who’d left Tazãr with a shattered heart two years prior.

Can Tazãr find the strength to trust Inuel again? Can he forgive him? Will being thrown together in a place where they can’t revert to lies help them make sense of their past and build a future?

* * *

Where Exorcists Cannot Lie is a second chance, forced proximity fantasy romance that follows a petite Exorcist Mage and an Alpha Demon with a penchant for kittens.

(This is an extended, revised and re-edited version of the story under the same title, which was made available exclusively for subscribers to the Magic Missive Newsletter in November 2023. New material constitutes 40% of the book.)

SNik's review:

Standalone novella, extended from the original short story, set in the author’s the Order universe. Paranormal. Second chance. Forced proximity. Single POV. 

Taz is due for a break, but he certainly doesn’t expect to be sharing the sanctuary with the Alpha demon that broke his heart years ago. Taz and Inuel never could keep their hands off each other since the day they first met and the sanctuary prevents lying, so they have to accept they still have feelings for each other even if they will eventually part again because everyone knows demons don’t do commitment. 

Kasia Bacon is an expert at telling a deep story in a short amount of words, and this novella is no exception. Taz’s heartbreak and inability to stop loving Inuel is obvious, and Inuel communicates his remorse and regret often. Really enjoyed these two seemingly opposites that have a special connection that even time can’t erase and allows them to finally reach their HEA.

Rogue's review:

This is a novella in the author's Order universe. It's a standalone, second chance, forced proximity story.

I've read other stories set in this universe and I've loved them all. This is no exception to that. Tazar and Inuel were great characters, I loved the author's take on Tazar's job as an exorcist - more of a magic policeman of sorts than an actual exorcist. I liked Inuel too, when we meet him he's real rogue and the spark between him and Tazar is undeniable. I loved finding out their story through flashback, and seeing what's led them to where they are at the start of the story - although you don't find out Inuel's side until the very end, which is perfect.

Even though Tazar is small, he's pretty mighty and more than a match for an Alpha Demon, who's pretty much wrapped round Tazar's finger, as well as his cats' 😂. There's humour, heat, snark and all the ingredients of a great Kasia Bacon story here. I loved this and would be happy to see more from these two.

Where Exorcists Cannot Lie is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription