Thrust into Love: A Four Book Collection by DJ Jamison

The whole Thrust into Love series all in one place!!

From the blurb:

Join the men of Hayworth College as they stumble into love with app hookups gone awry. Sometimes the last person you should fall for is the one who's perfect for you...

Book 1:
Cooper Rutledge: frat boy, general screwup, and...Daddy's boy?

On the surface, I don't take things too seriously. Not my poor grades, or my hookups, or my inability to find my purpose. But that was before.

Before the daddy of my wet dreams swiped right on my pic. Before he turned out to be my father's best friend. Before I convinced him to indulge in one night of pleasure with no strings.

Book 2:
Simon Prentiss: ex-football star, bitter rival, and...falling for the enemy?

I hate my teammate, Parker Reed. I hate that he makes me work so hard for my position on the field. Hate how easily he shows me up when I'm injured. Most of all, I hate that he made me lose my temper and get cut from the team.

At least without football, I can explore a new side to myself on a hookup app. That is, until I discover the identity of the sweet, patient guy who makes me burn for him.

Yeah, it's Parker.

Book 3:
Ethan Greene: Shy geek, newly bi-curious, and...propositioning his gay roommate?

I have a passion for a lot of things: wildlife biology, Godzilla, bowties. But when it comes to people, I'm more timid. Which is why I'm stuck with a toxic ex-girlfriend who's holding my lizard hostage.

I need to face her--and save my dignity. But a little backup won't hurt, right? My charismatic roommate is the perfect wingman. Until he kisses me and things get weird.

I turn to a hookup app for answers, and instead I end up propositioning him. But as it turns out, Rhett has a proposition of his own...

Book 4:
Christian Kringle: College professor, reluctant Santa, and...fake dating my neighbor?

I'm a grinch and proud of it--but this year, there’s no avoiding the Christmas cheer.

First, I get roped into playing Santa. Then, while trying to dodge a setup with my boss's brother, I somehow promise to attend a holiday party with my boyfriend--who doesn't exist.

Next thing I know, my (soon-to-be former) best friend has set up a profile on a hookup app to find me a date. With the username of....wait for it...SantaWantsYourChimney.

Before I can delete the profile, I match with a charming, devoted single dad. His teasing about Santa kink makes me laugh, and blush, and feel things I haven't since my divorce. For the first time in years, I look forward to dating.

Until we meet, and he turns out to be my neighbor. My very young, very off-limits neighbor who I've clashed with for years...

Angel's review:

Swiped by My Dad's Best Friend: I wasn't sure if I would like this story due to it having daddy kink.. but I wanted to give this story a chance because the premise sounded really interesting, and I love DJ's writing. I'm glad I have this book a chance, because if I didn't, I wouldn't have gotten to read about Cooper and Trace.

Cooper's character was adrift for most of this story, he wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do, or where he fit. He knew he didn't want to keep disappointing his dad, but he also didn't know how to explain what he was feeling to the man that raised him. There was quite a bit of conflict between Cooper and his dad, and I thought that it was handled well.

I liked Trace's character, he was so supportive of Cooper and always tried to encourage him, instead of discouraging him. I also liked how Trace tried to help Cooper realize that he could be his own incentive, he could motivate himself to do the things he wanted to do. I didn't quite understand his hangup with Cooper being Matt's son because they hadn't spoken to each other in years, in addition to how they didn't really repair their friendship during the story either. I get why that was written in, to give way to the dad's best friend trope, however, Trace wasn't really Cooper's dad's best friend, he hadn't been in years.

I thought the pacing was really good, the Thanksgiving scene was really sweet and was a pivotal moment in the story. While I don't usually read daddy/boy, I found this one to be good. It was quite light on that kink which I appreciated.

Matched By My Rival: Parker and Simon is the epitome of enemies to lovers. They have so much angst and tension between the two of them, I kept wondering if they were going to get into another fight. I thought the pace of this story was good, the anger between these two men didn't get resolved right away, which I liked. It took them time to work through their problems, it took effort, and lots of communication before these two men talked about how they genuinely feel for each other, outside of their anger.

The pacing I thought was done well, I liked all of the characters. It was cool to still see Cooper and Trace every now and then, along with the other guys who are a part of the frat. I also adored Simon's grandparents, they were adorable!! I'm very curious about Rhett's character, it makes me wonder what his story will be.

Tapped By My Roommate: Ethan's character has been my favorite so far! He's nerdy, quirky, awkward, and at times, shy. All of which I can relate to! I found his character really interesting, I loved reading about all of the facts he had regarding lizards and amphibians. That was really cool to read about different information about those animals, I really enjoyed that.

The arrangement these two had definitely gave off the friends with benefits vibe, I thought that was a good concept. I liked how it was handled, and the way it was written.

Rhett's character was so sweet and supportive of Ethan, when Ethan was trying to get his lizard back, Rhett had his back through the whole ordeal. I liked their relationship dynamic, I feel like once they were able to communicate with each other was when the story really picked up and found it's groove. I really liked these characters, I just think that there was too much focus on the steamy scenes. But I understand why that was, I just wished we could've had more scenes with the two MC's doing things together other than steamy scenes.

Sexted By Santa: Christian is a scrooge to the extreme, he hates the holidays. It's never been his favorite time of year but after his ex serves him divorce papers on the holiday, he despises it even more. This year though, this year is different for him. Him being apart of Jaxson and Tori's life slowly starts changing his perspective on the holiday, and that maybe the holiday isn't as bad as he believed.

This story was so cute and full of love. I love the pacing, the grumpy/sunshine trope was pulled off so well!! I adored the contrast between Christian and Jaxson's characters, they were completely different but yet complimented the other so well and are there for one another in different ways. Tori's character is my favorite, she's so adorable and added such an overall cuteness to this story. She's supportive of her dad, and loves Christmas, and she's stubborn, but she also is independent in her own way. I loved her character, I felt for her, diabetes is not fun to have, and it makes life really difficult. Reading about her character just further proved that, that sometimes things happen that you can't plan or predict. I thought the way her diabetes was written and handled was done really well, there was clearly research done as the author was writing Tori's character.

I enjoyed reading about Christian and Jaxson's relationship developing, it progressed so smoothly and while there were some issues they had to work through together, they talked things out with one another, and they were able to be stronger together.

I think this one was my favorite because the characters really grew, both individually and they grew together as well. The character development was fantastic, the side characters all helped provide dimension to the storyline, and the story itself was really beautiful.

Overall, this boxset has been a wonderful collection of books, and I really enjoyed having the whole series in one place. If you're thinking about reading this series, I highly recommend you to grab this boxset and have them all in one place!

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