The Family Man (The Mind Hacker Book 1) by AJ Rose

A new FBI procedural series comes out with a bang. Tracey may be new to the BAU but he's stunningly brilliant, and his team leader Jon can't help but notice his potential. But their mutual attraction cannot get in the way of tracking down a serial killer. The Family Man is the first in the Mind Hacker series.

From the blurb:

AJ Rose is back and in full effect! If you’ve ever read anything by AJ you’ll be excited to know this book has that draw-you-in-and-hold-you-down effect we’ve all come to love in their stories. If AJ is new to you, strap in. This story takes you for the ride of your life! - Miski Harris, Author of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". 

Special Agent Jon “Ice Man” Anderson is one of the FBI’s best monster hunters, catching predators using their darkness against them. It’s his purpose, and he’s relentless.

Rookie Special Agent Tracey Smith is Jon’s opposite, shining light in the shadows and counteracting the dark with hope. Together, they may be the perfect combination to catch The Family Man, a sniper terrorizing St. Louis, dealing death through the scope of a high-powered rifle.

They can’t afford distractions.
Jon can’t ignore the feelings Tracey has evoked.
Feelings he hasn’t allowed himself in years.

Jon’s not the only one compelled by Tracey….

In a city held hostage, the FBI races to stop the killing.
Before the sniper finds them,
And they lose everything.

The Mind Hacker: The Family Man is the 107,000-word opening salvo of a gay romance/suspense series following a law enforcement/workplace pairing through a bisexual awakening all the way to their eventual happily-ever-after.

Content warning: The Mind Hacker series contains themes of dark violence, including off-page sexual assault, psychological manipulation, narcissism, and other disturbing themes. If you’d like specifics, the author will happily answer questions through their email:

Every word and cover of every book published by this author has been crafted by a human and always will be.

SNiK's Review:

First in series (The Mind Hacker). Mystery suspense. Coworkers. Mentor/mentee. Hurt/comfort. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Tracey is the newest addition to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, and his first week is a trial by fire as his team is sent to profile a sniper serial killer. Jon is the locked down team leader, compartmentalizing and keeping himself focused is his norm, except there’s an unexpected connection with the brilliant agent Tracey that blindsides both of them. 

This is a well written procedural investigation story, and there is a big slice of attraction that has Jon and Tracey very much on edge and being careful, but it’s undeniable for both of them. I enjoyed that the law enforcement members were all intelligent and driven, the team worked together professionally, and even though Jon and Tracey were crossing ethical work lines the way they felt towards each other was worth the risks. A gripping start to a new series, with main characters that are excellent at their jobs but also unwilling to lose something special. HFN.

The Family Man is currently available in wide release e-book.