Schooling the Quarterback (GSU #1) by Laura John

Schooling the Quarterback is a nerd/jock sports romance set in a fictional college where being a queer athelete is just par for the course. It has grumpy/sunshine vibes and a sweet romance that will have you rooting for the couple til the end!

From the blurb:

Schooling the Quarterback is an m/m college sports romance, featuring a nerdy tutor, and a loveable himbo jock.

It is book one in the GSU series but all books will be able to be read as a standalone.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

"He bombarded his way into my life like a golden retriever puppy desperate for pets and stayed there until I let down my walls."

This was an absolutely sweet as pie nerd/jock romance. I love a good nerd/jock trope and these two definitely fit the bill. Gabriel, our nerd, is basically a genius. I'm talking he graduated high school at 16 and went to college level genius. To help support himself, Gabriel runs a tutoring business, which is how we come to meet Chase, our jock.

Chase is such a ball of energy! I loved how he was an out and proud athelete. Actually, I loved how the entire GSU was known to be a safe place for all members of the rainbow mafia. It was a breath of fresh air not having to read about any toxic masculinity BS in the locker rooms or between the players. It took Chase some serious time convincing Gabriel to believe him when he said that's not the type of guy he is. Gabriel can be a bit prickly and guarded, but the man has his reasons.

Once these two got together it was such a cute whirlwind romance. Chase was so sweet and he was constantly proving to Gabriel how much he meant to him and how lucky he felt to have him by his side. And it was great to see both their respective friends/roommates being so supportive of the two. I'm hoping since this is the start of a series that we will be getting some more nerd/jock pairings between their groups of friends in future books!

Schooling the Quarterback is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription