Save Me (Forgive Me Book 3) by Ariana Nash

Save Me is the action-packed conclusion to the Forgive Me trilogy by Ariana Nash. Francis and Vitari are fully committed to surviving together no matter what, but vengeance and constant danger won't let them go easily.

From the blurb:

The third and final book in the outstanding mafia/priest MM Forgive Me series.

Vitari Angelini knows selling a cache of Battaglia guns to a drug lord is not what Francis would call legal, but he’ll never find out. Besides, it’s for a good cause: Francis’s happy ever after. Happy endings aren’t for the likes of Vitari, and with his fake death recently exposed, it’s a matter of time before his father sends assassins.  

But when the gun deal goes wrong, blowing their cover, all thoughts of a happy ending turn to dust in a desperate dash for the Colombian border.

The net is closing, there’s nowhere left to run, Colombia is not the place to hide when you’re the son of the notorious mafia don, and on top of everything… Francis has a secret.

A secret that will change their futures.

A secret that has Vitari wondering… whose side is Francis on?


Francis hoped Panama would be a fresh start. Again. But Vitari’s not interested in settling down or trying to blend in. Whatever he’s doing that keeps him away most nights, it’s definitely illegal.

Then there’s the issue of the phone call … Francis should tell Vitari, but a confession like his might end them.

Thoughts of a future soon take a back seat when they’re hunted out of Panama and Vitari is taken for ransom. The mafia life they’ve tried to run from refuses to let them go.

If ever there was a time to fight for love, it’s now. But to save Vitari, Francis is going to have to be everything he fears, and secretly desires. There are few men more dangerous than one in love, and on the road to Hell.

Giancarlo and the Battaglia, Sasha and the DeSica… They’re about to wish they’d never met a once-naive English priest.

Because Father Francis Scott will go to Hell to save his angel.

The stunning conclusion to the Forgive Me series brings everything together but will Francis and Vitari’s love withstand the horrible repercussions of Stanmore?
This mafia MM series must be read in order.

SNiK's Review:

Third in series (Forgive Me), must be read in order. Established couple. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. Together, but still on the run, Francis and Vitari are struggling to see a future together that doesn’t end with one or both of them dead. Finally, they decide to confess their deep and unwavering love for each other, their determination to survive and stay together, everything that the previous books have been building up to (thank goodness). Constant danger still surrounds them, so the story continues to be filled with action, betrayal, vengeance and of course super steamy scenes between Francis and Vitari. For some reason I thought there would be something more to Francis’s background, but am fine with how the story wrapped up and the HEA was worth all the angst and pain the characters put me through. An entertaining conclusion to a really high tension, and yes, romantic trilogy.

Rogue's Review:

We're finally here. The finale of the Forgive Me Trilogy and what a wild ride it's been so far. Mafia, priest, hitman, dark, angsty, twisty, basically all the things Ariana Nash does best. I have loved this series and couldn't wait to find out how Francis and Vitari's story played out. Of course, this is an Ariana Nash story and it was never going to be straightforward - not sure I'd want it to be, either.

You have to have read what's come before to truly get the best out of this, it's a trilogy and what's come before directly influences this story. Vitari and Francis are on the run, with seemingly everyone after them, and I just didn't know how on earth they'd get out of it this time. Drug cartels in colombia, russian and italian mafia bosses after them, 'family' betraying them, and seemingly the whole world wanting them dead, yet through it all these two stick with each other. Happy, fluffy, and sunshine this is not. It's brutal at times, hard, uncompromising and yet the core of it is the love between Francis and Vitari and how they never, ever, give up on each other and the chance they have to get that happy ending, because God knows (pun intended), these two deserve that bit of peace after everything.

Nash saves one last twist for the ending, no spoilers, so it's a totally satisfying HEA for these two and I get the sense they'll finally manage to find their peace, after everything. This has been such a great series, one I'd love to revisit sometime after my heart rate returns from normal after the breakneck pace of it all.

Jacquie's Review:

Dramatic, action packed, emotional. Save Me had it all, including the answers about Stanmore, why Vitari was there and so much more.

All is not well between Francis and Vitari with previous betrayals coming to light. They love each other so much, against all the odds stacked against them, so they work it out.

I'm so happy they got the HEA they deserve.

Zakiyya's review:

I was worried that this third and final installment of what's been a captivating read so far may not live up to the excitement that I've built-up but I'm beyond ecstatic to say that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Father Francis Scott and Vitari Angelini's story had me hooked from the start. I really liked the pacing of the story, the action, plot twists and thrill really had me invested.

I love how the passion and chemistry between Angel and Francis got more intense as the books progressed. They were so darn HOT together. So glad this got a really satisfying ending... 💙🥰💙

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"It was love, and it wasn't right that the whole world kept trying to take it from them."

Well that was a hell of an ending for this trilogy about a mafioso and the priest he loves. Save Me was full of surprises and almost as many kidnappings. Francis and Vitari just could not catch a single break. No matter where they went there was someone around who wanted them dead. And through it all, everything these two men did was with the goal of protecting the other. It was also pretty badass that Francis came in a clutch quite a few times when his mafia man found himself in deep shit.

"If you stay with me, you'll die with me."

"I know."

"You deserve so much more."

"There is no more I want than you."

I did love that Francis' reputation as a vengeful murdering priest had spread to his enemies. Yet even though this wasn't hidden information, they still always underestimated Francis without fail. They immediately went after Vitari first, never realizing the threat Francis posed. It was a mistake they made only once, usually because they weren't alive any longer to make it again.

The relationship between Francis and Vitari couldn't be labeled the healthiest, but I honestly believed they truly loved one another. There was too much passion and loyalty between them for it to be anything other than real. I didn't know how Nash was going to get these two an HEA after everything that occurred in the first two books, but it seems that unaliving multiple people was the path to freedom. And after everything Francis and Vitari lived through as children and now adults, freedom was exactly what they deserved.

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