Protected by the Tiger Shifter (Protected Book 2) by L Rose


PROTECTED BY THE TIGER SHIFTER is the second book in L Rose's new trilogy and it delivers everything you saw in the first book plus more. Nox and Kiernan have an...interesting start but they quickly prove why they're so perfect together amongst the chaotic family dynamics and yummy bloody bits.

From the blurb:


People see me as the asshole who deals with the hellish jobs. That’s because people fear me, which is how I like it.  

Unfortunately, I also have to put up with the tiger inside me. My beast should have protected me when I was younger, but instead, all he’s ever wanted are pats and attention.

I’ve hated that tiger… until him.

Our fated mate.


Single life as a young college professor with anxiety is trying. Add in my poor coordination and I often wonder if there’s someone in the world who will ever accept me as I am.

Even the men my parents try to set me up with don’t work out—that second date never does come.

But after one heart-stopping, breathtaking glance from a stranger, I figure that none of the men before him are meant for me.

Thankfully, after a mugging and meeting a loveable tiger, Nox is back in my life.

Now all I have to do is keep him there.
Content warning: kidnapping and stalking

Molly Otto's Review:

Okay, when you go into a book with the triggers of kidnapping and stalking what you don't expect, it is funny and sweet as all get out of a book. Yet here we are. Nox has always been standoffish and unlike his brother's where he needs the hunt, not his animal side. It takes finding his clumsily sweet mate Kiernan to let go of his past to be able to embrace both sides. The humor of this book is just unlike anything I've ever read where I laughed out loud so many times I lost count. The pairing is so opposite yet so balanced they just work.

The family dynamics are those you dream of where you can be yourself and know you will have unconditional support. It was nice to see both sides had yes intrusive yet supportive families.

Again, I kind of feel bad for whomever is paired with Riker cause, oh boy, are they in for a handful. It's gonna be a blast!

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