My Demon Roommates (Demon Debacles Book 1) by Stella Rainbow

My Demon Roommates is full of paranormal goodness, an unexpected surprises. Along with some furry friends!

From the blurb:

Demons make great roommates. I’d know. I have three of them…

Ever since Nico, Star, and Ryk became my roommates, I’d sensed something strange about them.

Nico loved cooking. Ryk enjoyed painting. Star was a pro at napping. They were all unique, incredibly quirky, and just a little out of touch with reality.

When they told me they were demons, and I was their mate… well, that changed everything.

I’d never expected I’d end up with three demon boyfriends, but at least now life would never be boring.

My Demon Roommates is a 61k words MMMM romance featuring three adorably quirky demons, two fur-babies, and one responsible human. Full of fluff, demonic antics, and the usual Stella Rainbow sweetness, it’s bound to leave you with a smile on your face.

While connected to Stella Rainbow’s Otherworld books, this story can be read as a standalone.

Angel's review:

This book I found to be quite good! I thought the way in which this was written was really great, I enjoyed how we got each character's pov. Sometimes when the POV keeps switching things get confusing, but that didn't happen here. Each time the POV switched, it was marked as such, which really helped keep things concise.

I liked how these demons were trying to pass as humans, and how they each had their own hobby of sorts. The way the fated mates component came into the story was really interesting! It was unknown even to the demons who their fated mate/s were until... something happened. I can't say what cause that would spoil it!

I loved how the relationship developed between these men; it wasn't fast, it wasn't instantaneous, it just happened gradually, which I really enjoyed. The pacing itself was great, and I quite liked how the story flowed. I thought the way Star and Moon bonded was so adorable, how they were never far from the other, and how they were always taking naps together.

Ryk's character loved to paint and I liked the idea of him painting in the dark not knowing what colors he was using. That was really interesting and made me wonder what that would actually be like to do something similar.

I loved Nico's character! Him being so passionate about cooking and baking for all the men he lives with was really endearing and so sweet! Especially because he was determined to learn how to do all the human things without magic, and he accomplished just that.

Candy and Moon were adorable additions who were became side characters themselves. They added so much humor to the story, and really rounded out the... Found family feeling that was developing throughout the story.

If you love fated mates, a poly relationship, cuddly and grumpy pets, and demons just trying to live their life, then this is the story for you!

My Demon Roommates is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription