Love Furever by Gabbi Grey (Friends of Gaynor Beach Animal Rescue book 1)

Spinning off from the Single Dads of Gaynor Beach series, the next multi-author offering will feature animal lovers in the Gaynor Beach area and the first book is Love Furever.

From the blurb:


Being rejected by family hurt like hell, but I kept my head high, left my toxic relatives behind, and moved across the country to Gaynor Beach, CA. Luckily, I have great furry company. My French bulldog puppy, Widget, was dumped on me for not meeting my parents' ridiculously high standards either, so we're comforting each other. With a nice rental house and a new job, Widget and I were ready for a fresh start—until I got a devastating diagnosis. I can't take care of Widget properly while trying to save my own life, and I expect a long, hard road. I'll have to break both our hearts and put her up for adoption, for her sake. Right?


I’ve wanted a pet forever, but my family circumstances didn’t allow it. Now I’m away from my masses of relatives and on my own, and I’m ready to take on a furry companion. My friend, a guy who never says no to an animal in need, introduces me to Colin and his beautiful puppy Widget. I’m horrified Colin feels he needs to give her up just because he's sick, but I’m happy to take Widget as a temporary foster. I’m also happy to offer support to the new guy in town who is so very alone during a time of crisis. Helping someone in need comes naturally to me. But what if that temporary help turns into me wanting a forever relationship?

Love Furever is a gay romance slow-burn novel about new beginnings, found family, unconditional love, and a puppy named Widget. This middle-angst story has a guaranteed happily ever after.

Heather's Review:

Shifting from Single Dads to single pet owners, Love Furever is the first book in the Friends of Gaynor Beach Animal Rescue series and a read with a lot more going on than just meeting over an adorable puppy...

Health concerns, homophobic family, moving to a new city and more compound the chance for Colin and James to get together... meaning that the slow burn, slow build for this story isn't by choice.  I love how James just slowly inserts himself into Colin's life and how they become more than just pet co-parents.  This is a sweet and hope-filled story and a lovely start to the new series.

Love Furever is available in wide release - e-book and paperback formats.