Knot Fit For Love by Avery Scarlett

Omegaverse, MMMM and spicy scenes! Trauma from an existing health condition has made Elias wary of alphas. Will Ian, Dane and Levi help him change his mind about a HEA?

From the Knot Fit for Love blurb:

Elias dedicated years to brutal relationships, desperate to find the ideal partner, but even the strongest love can’t cure a disease.

His powerful pheromones unwittingly attracted feral alphas wherever he went. After a harrowing near-death experience, Elias withdrew from others. He spent his days navigating harsh judgments, deflecting unwanted advances, and protecting his freedom.

All is well until a dominant alpha approaches Elias with a proposition. His omega snapped, and he succumbed to his primal instincts while in pre-heat. He ran away once coming back to his senses, falling into the chest of his best friend and another alpha willing to beg for Elias’ submission. His head spun at the idea of three alphas competing for his attention, claiming to value his scars rather than overlook them.

Their devotion filled him with guilt over the secrets he kept. For the past six years, Elias resorted to pilfering potent pills from his workplace for survival. Not only was it illegal, but over time, his hyperactive system developed a resistance. He went from one pill to two, then three, and four... Side effects appeared so often, that they were becoming difficult to hide.

Can Elias trust himself to tell the truth and ask his alphas for help, or will his demons undo him?

Wlf_Forest's review:

Got a little lost in the beginning with Elias, his trauma and health issues and his relationships with the alphas. Would have loved the explanation of his condition earlier in the story. The relationship between Elias and Ian is a loving and caring everlasting story - friends to lovers, hot and steamy between Elias and Dane - hookup, Elias and Levi definitely more on the kinky side of things - Dom and Sub. 

It was a relatively short journey from meeting to spicy. Took Elias a bit to come to terms with his issues and to give HEA a chance. Some questions were raised and not answered but didn’t detract too much from the story telling. So give it a go for a story about an Independent and strong Omega who has been entrenched in major issues with trust and basic instinct who finally allows himself to be taken care of and be true to his omega self.

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