His Guilty Pleasure (West Coast Mobsters Book 5) by Leighton Greene

His Guilty Pleasure is a return to the West Coast Mobsters series, filled with danger, murder and intrigue. Darian is a beautiful and skilled butler hired to manage the Castellani family home, not expecting the strong attraction to the head of security Raffi, nor the danger involved with being a close confidante of a powerful mafia family.

From the blurb:

When Redwood Manor's butler Darian is accused of murder during a high-stakes Mafia parley, he has to rely on the infuriatingly attractive Raffi DeLuca to prove his innocence—before one of the mobsters decides to take justice into their own hands.

Darian Thornfield-Hayes has always been content to fade into the background while he conducts his work with precision and perfection. But when murder threatens the fragile peace between rival Mafia factions staying at the Manor, he finds himself in the spotlight in the worst possible way.

Raffi DeLuca, acting head of security—and the flirtatious thorn in Darian’s side—jumps in to give him an alibi, claiming they spent the night together. But in doing so, Raffi finds himself compromising his honor and his vows to the Don.

When Darian and Raffi are forced to share a room to keep up the charade, the attraction simmering between them flares to life. Raffi sees past Darian's defenses to the real man underneath, awakening desires the untouched Darian never dared admit to before.

But Darian hasn't been telling the whole truth…

Torn between his heart and his duty, Raffi must decide how far he's willing to go to protect Darian.

Will their guilty pleasure be the key to solving the murders, or will secrets tear them apart?


His Guilty Pleasure is the fifth book in the West Coast Mobsters series. Follow the men of the Los Angeles underworld in this page-turning romantic suspense series as they find love, danger and mystery in the most unexpected places.

Each book in West Coast Mobsters tells the love story of a different couple who find their happy ending, as well as a resolution to the mystery they're investigating, but there are cliffhangers to the wider suspense plot for the series.

Content advisory notes are available to view on the Copyright page via Look Inside or by downloading the sample.

SNik's review:

Fifth in series (West Coast Mobsters), best if read in order due to overarching plotline and characters. Suspense. Co-workers. Close proximity. Found family. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Etiquette and perfection in his work is Darian’s primary concern as the butler for the Castellani family, even knowing he is working for a known crime family and having to deal with the flirtatious head of security doesn’t deter him. Raffi is immediately drawn to Darian, and keeping the peace during a dangerous family parlay is stressful enough, let alone making sure innocent Darian is safe from the family’s enemies. 

I was so happy to be back with the Castellani family, and I really enjoyed Raffi’s protectiveness towards Darian as well as both men’s loyalty to the household. Darian and Raffi were sweet with each other, had some seriously steamy interactions, and their determination to stay together while confronting danger was swoony. I was invested in Darian and Raffi, loved all the intrigue, and was thrilled that the Castellani’s were just as protective of the couple.

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