Himbo Takes It All by CD Rachels (Single Gamers Society Book 2)

The Single Gamers Society continues with Hamadi's story, Himbo Takes It All

From the blurb:

My best friend and roommate is oblivious, adorable, and utterly straight—which is why I need to get over my decade-long crush on him.

I’ve spent all of my adulthood bound to my best friend. He’s outgoing, fun, and sexy; how else did he get the nickname Hamadi “Huge Body” Amin?

Is he the brightest bulb in the box? No, but that doesn’t stop girls from falling for him. As his best friend and a man, I shouldn’t have fallen for him as well.

But I did—I gave my heart to him years ago.
I’m determined to get over him. While he plays his board games, I’ll focus on my career. I won’t dwell on how he fulfills everything I need in life. I can move past the way he holds me late at night and our tender moments.

When I finally get a boyfriend, Hamadi should be thrilled. Instead, he’s petty and jealous, and he tells me he wants to try dating guys?!

I can’t keep exposing my heart for an oblivious bestie. I’ve played my hand over and over again, and each time, Hamadi wins it all. But now he has to decide if he’s all in, or if we can live without each other. This is one game neither of us can afford to lose.

Himbo Takes It All” is a male/male adult romantic comedy featuring sassy senior citizens, co-dependent best friends, speed dating, and yes, one oblivious himbo discovering his sexuality between rounds of board games. Roll the dice with book two of the Single Gamer’s Society. Each book can be read as a stand-alone with a HEA. These queer nerds are looking for love, and bluff or fold, they play to win.

Heather's Review:

CD Rachels claims to have written the himboest himbo to ever himbo... and while I'm sure there might be someone to rival Hamadi, he's pretty darn correct...

I needed a light, refreshing read after having read something with a ton of angst and triggers and Himbo Takes It All was the perfect rom-com read as Hamadi bumbles his way through the story while Andreas struggles to deal with his unrequited love for his best friend...  and watching them not communicate their wants and needs makes you want to reach in and sit both men down, but like all good romances they finally get it together and settle in for a satisfying HEA.

Himbo Takes It All is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription