Eternally Blessed (Rebel Kings MC Book 7) by Garrett Leigh

Eternally Blessed is the 7th in the Rebel Kings series. It follows on directly as the second part from Unholy Trinity and is not a standalone. This is MMF, and Nash, Locke, and Orla finally get to finish their story and find their HEA

From the blurb:

Nash, Locke, and Orla return in this full steam, page-turning Poly Romance. Why Choose one book boyfriend when you can have two? Hold tight for the sizzling conclusion of this heart-pounding hurt/comfort love story.


Three is the magic number. I gave them my heart, and they gave me theirs. But the downside of living my best life is that I have everything to lose. And sometimes it’s not the obvious thing that rips it all away.

It’s fate.

It’s chance.

It’s the worst luck in the world for the soul who least deserves it, leaving me drowning in the one cruelty I can’t take. The one storm I can’t weather.

I’m not a religious man. Not even close. But I’m praying right now.

For her. For him. For me.

Cos there is no us without him, and I won’t survive it if everything we’ve fought for is nothing but a dream.

Eternally Blessed is the seventh instalment in the bestselling Rebel Kings MC series. An MMF romance with strong MM romance content, hurt/comfort, angst, found family, forced proximity, single dad, and friends-to-lovers tropes.

Content warnings for everything you’d expect from a gripping biker romance.

Rogue's review:

This is the 7th in what has become one of my favourite series. This is MMF, and the conclusion to Nash, Orla and Locke's story. This is a direct follow up to the previous book, Unholy Trinity and should be read as part of the series. Honestly, read the whole series because it's brilliant. There's a fair bit of angst due to how Trinity ended, and there are also a few other threads tied up here too with club business.

These three together, I am struggling to find the words for how much I loved them finally finding each other and the happiness they all deserve so much. They all fit together like the three pieces make up one complete puzzle, and with one missing, they just don't work. Nash and Orla have known and loved each other since they were pretty much kids, and their bond is unbreakable, but without Locke, they just don't work. He's the perfect third because without him, they'd combust spectacularly. This is what I love in a poly book, all parties are together equally, there's no imbalance and it's just perfect.

There's a lot going outside of that too, with the club and that's all dealt with for the most part too. As always I love seeing the other brothers pop up in the story, this is truly a found family as well as a real one. Also shout out to the 3 O'Brian siblings on the loose together, that was truly a fist pump moment for me. And that moment at the end where they're all gathered, was EVERYTHING.

If you can't tell, I love this series, and I'll be sad when it ends because I love each and every one of these boys. Garrett Leigh can write in this world forever and I'd always read it.

Eternally Blessed is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription