Dragon's Surprise (Irresistible Dragons Book 6) by Nora Phoenix

Dragon's Surprise is the 6th in the Irresistible Dragons ongoing series, following Oliver, Delton and Adar on their path to their happy ending.

From the blurb:

Delton is convinced Adar is his mate…until Oliver shows up.

From the moment he meets Adar, Delton knows they’re meant to be together. So what if Adar doesn’t notice him? Delton isn’t in a hurry. Until Oliver joins the pack.  

The second Adar lays eyes on the sweet, fragile omega, he knows he’s found his fated mate. Hell, everyone knows because Adar won’t leave Oliver’s side, protecting him 24/7. But he’s patient, more than willing to wait until Oliver has healed.

Oliver doesn’t question his connection with Adar, but things aren’t as easy as they seem. Adar has needs Oliver can never satisfy—but Delton can. But why would the beta even offer to help Adar find the release he needs through impact play?

When Oliver discovers Delton’s feelings for Adar, he’s determined to play matchmaker. But matches can lead to a fire…and with no one to control it, who will get burned?

Dragon's Surprise is the sixth book in the Irresistible Dragons series, which needs to be read in order. This book ends on a cliffhanger, and the storyline will continue in the next book.

LCDolphin's Review:

Wonderful story of Adar, Delton and Oliver (an abused omega who comes to live with Delton and Adar's pack). Loved these characters - Adar's protectiveness, Delton's compassion and Oliver's awakening. Well written, engrossing story. Please note this is the sixth book in the Irresistible Dragons series, which needs to be read in order. This book ends on a cliffhanger, and the storyline will continue in the next book.

GaleM's Review:

There is something magical about Nora's writing. I have no other explanation for the irresistible pull that draws me into her books. I can't decide which is the most compelling - the immersive world-building, the multi-layered characters, the incredible range of emotions, described on page, the rare and so precious feeling that I am in the story, not just reading it or all of these, blended together in one overwhelming feeling of being part of this incredible adventure, unfolding before my eyes.

All the books are interconnected and can't be read as standalones. And while this is Adar, Delton and Oliver's story, nothing is actually so simple. They are only one pulsing thread in a vast net of many more that continue to develop through all of the books, further enriching the reading experience with their enchanting complexity, flavours, colors and details. I have always liked Adar. The quiet, observant, not obtrusive alpha who was always emanating a feeling of safety. His presence was whispering - home, warmth, good. But initial impressions aren't always 100% accurate and this story helped me to see him better and from a different angle. Oliver,one the other hand is one of the newest additions - a dragon omega who came with other omegas from the Murphy clan, seeking refuge and a new beginning. And Delton - the sweet beta - really stole my heart in one fell swop - sensitive, smart and always willing to help, such a perfect harmony between his natural personality traits and his profession as trauma psychologist.

How did these three ended together in the matchmaking games of the Fates, will remain a mystery to me. Nora, the master of story twists has really cooked something unexpected here but achingly close to the real life challenges, all of us have experienced at one time or another - not all friendships survive and thrive; not all loves are meant to be and sometimes, when the timing isn't right, people can't see each other the same way, truly see, then the moment goes away and with it - the chance for something more. This is the saddest book so far in The Irresistible Dragons series - there is healing, heartbreak, loss and a healthy amount of love and comfort. But as always, in typical Nora style, there is powerful message, hidden under the lines - the pack's strength is in the unity of her members - the stronger the bonds, the stronger the pack.

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