Declan's Omegas (Creekside Township Rivals Book 6) by JT Fader

Declan’s Omegas is the 6th and final book in the Creekside Township Rivals series. We meet Tyler and Patrick in book 5, and we learn that they are really close, closer than friends and run a mechanic together.

From the blurb:

Two hearts overflowing with secret love buried under the cover of friendship.

Declan has given up hope of finding his fated mate. He spent ten years in Metro City hoping the wolf chosen for him by fate would cross his path. It wasn't to be. Now, he lives in Riverton Township after taking over as the leader of the pack when his brother, Mark stepped down. Declan might as well be living in the middle of nowhere. How will a fated mate find him now?

Patrick has one true love. Their lives are intertwined after over twenty years of friendship. He's decided his love will remain hidden. There's too much at risk if he was to say anything. The most important thing to him is to keep the wolf he loves and their family in his life.

Tyler is extremely close with the triplets he whelped six years ago, seeing them at least twice a week, his best friend by his side. As two Omegas, they've built a life together without Alphas. Tyler wants to embrace the wolf he loves for all eternity, but he doesn't want to ruin that wolf's chances of one day finding a fated mate and having pups of his own.

Can these three hearts find their way to each other or will fear and doubt lead them astray?

Lilly's review:

We meet Declan in book 4 when he is called back to his hometown to take over as Alpha since his older brother has stepped down. Since becoming Alpha Leader, he’s implemented some changes and slowly brought the pack from their super traditional ways. While working away as an accountant, he comes across the scent of his fated mate - Patrick. Patrick is elated to have found his fated mate, but he is also deeply in love with his omega friend Tyler.

Despite the countless omegaverse stories I’ve read, this was my first time reading one with an Alpha/Omega/Omega pairing! I was curious to see how their relationship would develop and what kind of dynamic it would be. Tyler was hesitant, and potentially losing his close omega mate to Declan really shook him, but I loved how Declan acknowledged their connection and did not try to pull Patrick away from Tyler - instead it was the opposite!

I also liked seeing how Declan took time to bond with Tyler, they felt a deep connection - not fated mates but close - and fostered that bond alongside Patrick. He made sure that Tyler never felt excluded.
It was interesting seeing a double pregnancy! We got two heats and one birthing scene.

Declan’s Omegas is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription