Deception (The Underground Series Book 3) by Medusa Stone

Medusa Stone, there is an evil genius living in your imagination. This book, loaded with a deep sense of despair and anguish, almost made me cry. It's a brilliant example that sometimes when you take a risk and blindly jump into the darkness, there might not be saving rope, a ladder or even a bottom you can reach.

From the Deception blurb:

MM/Dark Suspense/Romance Hurt-Comfort Enemies to lovers Mafia BDSM

This series contains some MMM/ MMF scenes for the development of the story.

The Underground is a dark tale filled with mystery, intrigue, conflicting emotions, and love. As our main characters embark on a journey to happiness and freedom, they will captivate us, making us laugh, cry, suffer, and deeply feel their passions and frustrations, keeping us always at the very edge of our seats.

Deception is a nerve-wrecking experience in which Anthony becomes the unwilling victim to his new Master’s brutality and murderous plans, in a deadly spiral of lies, passion, unexpected revelations and deceit.

Although filled with love and romance, Book 3 is, by far, the Darkest, most disturbing book in this series, so please beware of all warnings.

Trigger Warnings:

This series is rated R and not recommended for readers under 18. All books contain explicit content, scenes of dub-con, violence, and very graphic material. This book also contains non-con.

The Underground books must be read in the following order:
Indoctrination, Alexander, Deception and Sacrifice.

GaleM's review:

I am following Tony's adventure from the first page of the first book and I still cannot comprehend how a simple wish for touch, belonging, love and support ended in such a helish experience. I was reading and breaking inside while Tony was losing the last pieces of his Innocence and watching his dreams go down the drain. The author says the story is nerve wracking, but I'll add that it's also mind-bending and downright terrifying. It shows how Tony continues to slide into the endless abyss of manipulation, degradation and dehumanization. This is not just a dark book, it is a painting of the hell Tony lives in and the daily horrors he must endure, created from the words of a skilful writer whose imagination knows no limits or boundaries. Each day of survival is a small victory that adds more scars and pain to his body, soul and mind, raising so many questions of whether Alexander is so worthy of this sacrifice; is it a true love or just an illusion he so much wants to be real or is his love just an anchor that keeps his sanity from shattering.

Dominic is yet another example of the fascinating way human mind works, survives trauma and follows goals built on negative life experience. For him people are just the links used for achieving a certain result- easily replaceable, discarded or moved around. And sadly Tony is one them - an unhealthy obsession and a source of something Dominic wants and doesn't spare resources to obtain.

The ending of the story gives no answers, only the foreboding feeling of more fresh horrors to come in the new installment.

Deception is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription