Cretaceous Crushes: A (Gatecrashing) LGBTQ Charity Anthology

Cretaceous Crushes is a prehistoric collection of a multitude of different stories! Each story of full of love, acceptance, and of course, dinosaurs!!

From the blurb:

Romance transcends time, species, and sexuality.

Embark on a prehistoric journey with stories crafted by fifteen of your favorite (or soon to be favorite) LGBTQ Romance Authors. From fierce raptors to gentle giants, our stories will satisfy both your inner paleontologist and the romantic in you. Every purchase supports important causes—proceeds go to GLAAD and the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF)

You'll find stories from:

Pandora Pine
Kota Quinn
Davidson King
Annie Taylor
April Andrews
D. K. Sutton
JP Sayle
Katy Manz
Kiernan Kelly
MZ Arthur
Nikki Prince
RS McKenzie
Siobhan Muir
Max Maddox
& Kelex

Angel's review:

Jurassic Measures by Davidson King
Jason and Landry's story I found to be quite cute! The way they met definitely gave off enemy to lovers vibes, I adored how sassy and strong-headed Jason's character is. While there was low-key stalking, it worked out in the end, yes given the nature of what Landry is. I found that component to be really unique as well! I loved how his species was explained, how Davidson combined both fiction with some reality too, that was really intriguing! I love the fated mates trope, and I thought Davidson King wrote it very well, I liked how the characters waited a bit before fully binding their lives to each other. It drew out the story a bit longer, and gave us more time with the characters.

Craving The Carnivore by Kelex;
I liked this story, I loved how Avi's character is so quirky, and he's so passionate about his research. Even after seeing something he thought wasn't possible, he didn't let Erik try to persuade him otherwise. I liked that Avi took matters into his own hands, and got proof that what he saw was real.

The concept of Erik being the protector of his world where other dino shifters roam free, and hunt actual dinosaurs, was a very unique concept. I've never read anything like it before, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. These two definitely compliment one another, this was a great story.

The Dinostore by Kiernan Kelly;
I've never read anything by this author before and I quite enjoyed their writing. Vic owns his own mini dino boutique, which is such a cool concept, I found that to be a really neat component of this story. Especially because that shop is where most of the story takes place. I liked how we got to know how Vic runs his shop, and his rules on who he'll sell dinos to. I thought that was quite interesting. Bron being a breeder of mini dino's was so fitting, and it was a really cute way to tie these characters together. I loved the details that were used to describe Vic's dinosaur form! I wish we got to see a glimpse of what they were discussing at the end of the book, but despite that, another terrific story!

Dino Love and Alpha Knots by Kota Quinn
This story is absolutely adorable! I really appreciated how we got so much background on Seela's character, we knew why he joined the PITA, we found out why he wasn't apart of a pack, and we got to learn about a different species of dinosaurs! I adored Reese's character, the fact that he was a baker made everything so much better! I wish we got a scene where he was baking and going through that process, but that didn't detract from the story. I loved how Kota wrote the fated mates aspect! The fact that Reese started morphing into a Coelophysis himself, was so interesting! I loved that part, it really made Severo and Reese's story stand out.

Toeing the Line by MZ Arthur;
This story conceptually was great! I liked the idea of a fossil being discovered in some place unusual. Especially considering said fossil was only 80 years old, not 800 million. I thought that the premise was there, I enjoyed the concept. I could see where the author was going with this story, and where they were trying to take it. I just think the pacing is what kind of detoured that track. I found the story to be drawn out, which in itself would've been fine! However, once the characters reached that cataclysmic event, the story ended. I felt like if the story had been longer, it would've made a more rounded and conclusive story.

Grow A Spinosaurus by RS McKenzie;
August and Dante's story was very cute! I liked how August's character was curious about the creature that was sighted but not because he wanted to capture a picture of it, he just wanted to know if something bigger than himself existed. And he found out that out and more when he met Dante. Dante being a bartender and a dino shifter was really clever, him being a bartender would mean he would be able to keep up to date on what the latest news was, along with knowing where people would be.

I liked the way their relationship developed, it was more of a insta-burn, but it was done in a way that fit. I liked how August wrote songs specifically for Dante. I wish we had gotten more info on how Spinosaurus's carry their young. Dante mentioned that they lay eggs, but how would that work with August? So, it was briefly mentioned but not really discussed afterwards.

A Boy Called Blue by JP Sayle;
From the title I should have gathered that this was going to be about a daddy/boy pairing. However, I was not expecting it, and as I don't particularly enjoy that trope myself, this story fell a bit flat for me. I love the creativity JP has though, I mean, a potato shifter? That's completely new and I don't think has ever been done before. So for the uniqueness alone, it gets high marks for me. I just didn't enjoy it as much as the other stories. If you do like the daddy/boy trope, this story is definitely going to be the one for you!

The Dino Whisperer by DK Sutton
This one had me hooked from the beginning! I was so entranced by both Austyn and Tate's character, I was eager to learn and discover more. There's a mystery that shrouds Austyn, throughout the story we learn and discover more about. Just like with Tate's character, there is more to meet the eye. I liked how these two were awkward, and made each other blush on occasion, and kept dancing around each other. I found that to be really cute. The dinosaur aspect I thought was handled very well! I'm very curious about what Walter is now up to after certain events took place. "Two dinosaurs from different worlds. Different periods. A Troodon and a Brachiosaurus together. Forever."

Mikel's Mage by Annie Taylor
This story was really cute! Mikel's character likes causing a bit of trouble, he enjoys pranking the people who cause him the most harm, and he uses his magic in his own way. After the elders decides to punish him, he's reunited with his best friend..only he's not exactly human.

I thought the concept of there being someone who is both a mage and a dino shifter was really interesting. I found there to be a lot of details bring described, and while this book is on the shorter side, there is a bunch of backstory that gets told. Indy's character is the calm to Mikel's ferociousness, I enjoyed reading about how they balanced each other out, and how he wouldn't let Mikel get away with talking poorly about himself.

This book was really creative, and I love the lost friends to lovers aspect that happened!

His Triceratops Omega by Katy Manz
I haven't read books by this author before, but after reading this story, I have to look into what else they have written. The way they wrote both Damien and Hudson's characters made them so realistic, and relatable. The amount of details that went into describing Damien's incantation that went wrong, along with describing his Triceratops form, was impeccable. All of those little details really helped provide a clear idea of what was going on. I enjoyed the little snark and banter that occured, Damien's character was hilarious. Yes, he was stuck in a form he didn't intend to be, but he took it in stride. The fated mates component was handled well! I liked the concept of them both feeling a pull once they were near one another, and I thought that them having a mental connection to one another right away was really interesting. I wish we had gotten a scene with Damien in his Triceratops form, and Hudson in his Dragon form, but other than that, this story was really great!

The Alberto Effect by Nikki Prince
I.. wasn't as big of a fan of this story, unfortunately. It just felt a bit disjointed and disconnected to me. I think I know where the author was trying to go, as far as Alberto and Jameson have a past together. However, I just felt like things didn't have a nice flow, and that things were a bit off. Alberto swore up and down that he would never be in a relationship, but then after hooking up with Jameson, he changed his tune. It just felt rushed to me.

Jurassic Park by Pandora Pine
This book was good! I thought that the characters were well written, the pacing was very nice, there were some surprises that occured which made the story even more interesting. Cooper's character was a big surprise! I was not expecting him to be.. what he ended up being. Gibson's character was great, I liked how he was so passionate about discovering fossils.

The Saurian's Bargain by April Andrews
I found this book to be very interesting! The premise of Jora's people going into the wilderness to find a golden egg, then return it to the village to bring them luck, was very interesting! I liked how not everything was as it seemed, and that there was much more to the story than what was originally assumed. Jora and the Saurian was really interesting, I liked how they were so different from each other, and how the Saurian taught Jora about the things he did not know. I wish that we got a chapter where we saw how Jora, Alis, and the Saurian worked together as a couple. I think that would've been cool to see that, especially cause it mentioned.

A Debt Repaid by Maz Maddox
I loved this story! It's full of adorable cuteness! I loved how despite Zack not knowing what type of animal he was rescuing, he was still determined to help the little guy who was trapped. I liked how the scenes were written of Zack caring for Ru, and how he got Ru out of the wiring he was trapped in. The way Zack discovered Ru was more than just an animal was a bit humorous! I loved that Maz added a bit of humor to the story! These characters are so cute together, and I'm glad they found each other. It would've been amazing to get a chapter on Zack meeting Ru's family, but overall this book was fantastic!

Fossil Beds Bed & Breakfast by Siobhan Muir
I adored the fact that this is an FF story, it's really cool that this one was different than all the others. The aspect of Maya owning her own B&B and adopting kids was really cute, and special! The manner in which Persia and Maya met was during a time of stress, but one that ultimately ended successfully. I found the scene where they shifted together to be very sweet. They worked together to scare away the troublesome humans, and had each other's babk through it all. Then surprise surrounding Maya's kids was a huge shock, but a very adorable one!

Overall this anthology is a terrific collection of a multitude of different stories, showcasing the wide variety of characters, along with the various types of dino shifters!!

Cretaceous Crushes is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription