Charlie and the Panther (Land and Sea: A Shifter Series Book 4) by Vinni George

What a fantastic way to end this beautiful found family series!

From the Charlie and the Panther blurb:

What happens when fate intertwines shifters from land and sea?

Matteo Garras wants to be left alone. Most people take the hint. Apparently, Charlie Marsh isn’t most people. From the moment the alpha—who smells like sunshine—sits down next to Matteo at the local shifter bar, Matteo’s world tilts on its axis, making him want a future he didn’t think he could have, one he doesn’t think he deserves.

Charlie has always had a thing for grumpy cats, so his instant attraction to Matteo isn’t a surprise, but the intensity of his feelings and his possessive desire to protect the brooding omega are. The more Charlie gets to know Matteo, the more he realizes they have in common, including scars that are more than skin deep.

When pain from Matteo’s past tries to make him push Charlie away, fate pulls them back to each other, binding them together forever and giving Charlie the chance to show Matteo he deserves everything he’s ever dreamed of having.

Charlie and the Panther is the fourth and final book in the Land and Sea Shifter MPREG series featuring a grumpy panther with a sweet tooth, a sunshiny manatee with a heart of gold, and an accidental claiming.

Angel's review:

I've really enjoyed this world that Vinni has created, their writing just has a way of pulling you in, and making you feel connected to their characters.

I loved the dynamic of Charlie being the sunshine to Matteo's storm cloud. I also adored how Charlie never gave up on Matteo, no matter how many times Matteo tried to push him away, he was determined to be there for his grumpy kitty.

I found the pacing of the story to be great, the characters themselves were so personable and their back stories were told really well! I enjoyed learning more about each of these incredible characters, they were written so beautifully and their love story was so impeccable. I liked the concept of them accidentally claiming each other unknowingly. While I felt bad for Matteo, seeing as he got so sick, I thought the idea behind an accidental claiming was unique.

I loved that Matteo's character is an artist, what he was painting/designing was done in such great detail that I could envision what was being described. I'm really glad that Charlie never gave up on Matteo, and that Matteo finally let himself be happy, and that he allowed himself to be the person he truly wanted to be. I loved seeing the past characters come back in this book, it was so great seeing them all again! The way they just accepted Matteo so effortlessly was so touching, and I'm so happy that Matteo finally found the people who care about him, and wants what's best for him.

Morgan's character was described so cutely!!! I love the fact that Morgan's a panther shifter, but he loves the water just like Charlie does. I find that so adorable!!

As sad as I am to see this series come to an end, I'm so excited for what Vinni releases next!! I'm looking forward to reading Nico and Garrett's story, I'm so curious about them and what their story is going to tell!

I highly recommend not only this book, but the whole series. This book can be read as a standalone, however, I highly recommend reading the complete series. You'll get more of a found family feel if you do.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

This was so freaking sweet. I loved seeing Charlie help to bring Matteo out of his shell. They were such a lovely couple once Matteo finally let go of his past. Matteo honestly broke my heart. It was obvious his abusive father had such a profound effect on his life, one that was entirely unhealthy. My vindictive side was totally hoping that at some point that evil alpha got what was due to him for his past actions, but I think it's better that the father ended up being someone who was relegated to non existent in their lives once they finally got together.

It was super cute seeing sunshiney Charlie try and make his grumpy panther smile all the time. The man just did not quit, while still respecting Matteo's boundaries, which was exactly the kind of man Matteo needed. He needed actions to show him it was okay to rely on someone else. That it was okay for him to give into his omega instincts and not something to be punished. I wanted to cheer so loud when Matteo finally came to this revelation!

It was great seeing all the past couples from previous books! I've enjoyed each and every single one of them getting their HEAs and am so excited Vinni is going to continue writing in the PNR genre. And we're getting a spin off!!! The MCs of which we meet in this one and let me tell you I am already intrigued. I even checked GR to see if the book was up yet to add to my TBR.

Charlie and the Panther is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription