Bridging the Gap (Larchdown Valley Book 2) by Jem Wendel

Neither are looking for a relationship. Both having issues that prevent them getting together. Both are so lovable. Cole and Johan warmed my heart.

From the Bridging the Gap blurb:


I like my life the way it is—my job, having my family close, my animals—and contrary to what my brother thinks, I don't need to find love. I've never needed to find someone before, so I don't know why he thinks I'm missing out now. But when he brings Johan to help out at the family farm, I discover I just might have some things in common with the Swedish man. This realisation causes me to wonder if my brother was right after all as Johan quickly becomes the first person to ever make me want . . . more.


Going to England was my chance to bury memories of my cheating ex while following one simple rule: no dating. Despite my best efforts, that rule goes out the window the second I lay eyes on Cole, the gorgeous, smart-as-hell vet of Larchdown Valley. My time in the charming town is limited, so there's no way I can start anything with anyone, let alone someone who shows no interest in me or anyone else for that matter.

Though when we start working together to nurse a dog back to health, I realise it's too late—I'm falling more for him each day, yet time is running out before I have to return to Sweden.

Will I only get my heart broken again? Or will Cole find he does want to share his life with someone, and that someone could be me?

Reed Kaye's review:

This is the second I’ve read in this series and I hope this series lasts for a long time. I love these stories, they are so heartfelt. Each character is so real and has such possible situations that I feel they are people I easily could know.

In this story Cole is somewhat that person who just doesn’t fit into the social things. He is such a lovable character and so big hearted that people around him get frustrated trying to fix him with situations and people they hope he will connect with.

Johan is trying to get his life back on track after a breakup that shocked his whole belief system. He didn’t see the cheating and breakup until it happened. He had planned for a future with the guy so he is really planning on not getting into any relationships again.

When they meet there is just an attraction that neither plan on. The way that the fumbling into friends and then… is entertaining. I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read the next.

Bridging the Gap is currently available as an e-book and paperback