Beyond Fate (Beyond Book 1.5) by Lee McCormick

Two lovable characters finally find their soulmate. They have a rough path to getting there but they deserve happiness

From the Beyond Fate blurb:

“Maybe in our next life, things will be different? It can be you and me. Maybe we’ll finally fit. Soulmates, right? So maybe…”


I’ve been on a hundred jobs, but I’ve never met a person like Jayce Holden. He’s everything I shouldn’t want, wrapped in a protective package that seems hellbent on making sure I’m safe from his family. Making sure I’m his.

I'm not sure what I want... not when my mission is to kill his father, and Jayce is the only person who knows where to find him.


I’ve had a dream of the same man my entire life. Sometimes, he’s soft and sweet — sometimes, he’s trying to kill me.

Sometimes he does.

When Clay walks into my life and I recognize him immediately, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him, whatever it takes to make him mine… even if it means defying my family and putting everything on the line.

Beyond Fate is a dual POV novella that follows Jayce and Clay into the future for their shot at finding happiness in their next life. While connected to the Beyond universe, this is a uniquely crafted story set in the future to give two characters their very deserved happily ever after. Expect high heat, an assassin and the son of a mafia boss fighting for their chance at love, and the HEA that everyone demanded.

Reed Kaye's review:

Beyond soulmates. I love this story. I truly believe there is something more and wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally find that special one. This is a look at lives out of the norm and I was so happy that these two finally were together. The path isn’t easy. There are triggers that need to be paid attention to but I love this story and am so glad the author brought these two lovable characters to this place and time in their lives. I don’t know if there are further plans for them but I’d be happy if their future were followed.

Beyond Fate is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription