UnConVentional Kiss by Katherine McIntyre & K.C. Carmine

In their debut co-written story, KC Carmine & Katherine McIntyre show they're combined writing is seamless and they just get one another.  UnConVentional Kiss is every geek’s fantasy of a Batman/Superman romance! Can a kiss on a whim at Comic Con really change your life? 

Comic-con visits, pop culture references, hot geeky men and fun steamy times. This new series from two of my favorite authors is an entertaining collaboration that certainly brings all the romance.

From the blurb:

One Comic-Con. One chance encounter. One kiss that changes everything.


I never claimed to be easy to love. My steady stream of ex-girlfriends is proof positive, and my anxiety pretty much confirms I’ll be alone for the rest of my life. No matter who I date, I can’t ever feel completely myself.

At least until I met Cay, who’s bright, charming, and captures my attention from the start. And one kiss at a Comic-Con sparks some very not-straight feelings in me.


I’ve spent my whole life trying to make people happy, yet all my effort never seems to be enough. But when a blind double date lands me next to the guy I’ve been thinking about ever since Comic-Con, I’m ready to claim something for myself. Even if I’ve never been into guys before and I have no clue what I’m doing.

That single kiss sparked something in both of us that we can’t seem to deny, and we agree to fool around, exploring where this chemistry leads. All too fast, feelings take the wheel, steering me off the course of fast and easy. However, being bi is new for both of us, and when the time arrives to come out, I don’t know if I’ll be taking that step forward with Beck…or alone.

Molly Otto's review:

When a co-write is done right, this is where the magic happens. You feel both authors in both characters yet know its both of them writing. Cannot wait to see more from this world.

KC and Kat gave us a double bi awakening in a slow paced real-life romance. We have two men not used to being attracted, let alone connecting on this level with another person, so they take it slow to get it just right. Loved the nerd power with a little kink snuck in (with these two authors, if you don't expect it, you haven't read either before)for a great read.

The pacing was spot on for us to connect to both characters as well as their friends to see such a powerful connection of friends. The heated scenes had just the right amount of kink that even if that's not your jam, you will be comfortable resding it. Cannot wait to see the next pairing!

Reed Kaye's review:

This is such a warmhearted story. I had a hard time setting it down once I started it.

Two guys who are going through so much insecurity and self discovery. Cay and Beck are so different in so many ways and yet the attraction between them is great to watch as it unfolds. There is laughter and unease. The story flow is so well done its hard to find a stopping point until the end. Deserves way more than five star. I loved this story

Shawn Collick's review:

Such a fun, nerdy, bi awakening romance. A chance meeting at comic con leads to a unexpected kiss but can it lead to more? Neither Beck or Cay has had luck in their past relationships and neither can forget the kiss. The openness of the characters to explore a potential relationship when they run into each other later is heartwarming and makes you root for them thru the story. I loved their acceptance without angst of finding attraction to each other. Their go with the flow nature made the story. I loved not only the sweetness of their romance but the hotness of their sexy times.

SNik's review:

First in series (Unconventional Kiss). Grumpy/sunshine. Dual POV. 

Beck is a Superman that doesn’t love being around crowds but braves them in order to attend Comic-Con, and he certainly doesn’t expect to meet a friendly and charismatic Batman, nor end up sharing a kiss. Cay can’t get Beck out of his mind, and when they meet again, the chemistry is still there, if they are both willing to take a chance. 

Beck and Cay have so much in common, but their personalities couldn’t be more different, and they certainly share a past of never finding a person that quite fit, until they spend time with each other. There are some stumbles along the way, highlighting both Beck and Cay’s struggles with their new blooming relationship, with plenty of steam and some supportive secondary characters. Such a fun and humorous read, with some pop culture quotes and two really genuine guys that find their special person may not be what they had thought, but what they always wanted.

Rogue's review:

This is a double bi-awakening, grumpy/sunshine with light kink, lots of nerdy shenanigans, two unlucky in love guys, a geeky group of friends and one epic kiss at comic con.

I loved this book. I really liked both MCs, although it took me a little to warm up to Beck at first, but he quickly redeemed himself. The two meet when they're cosplaying as Batman and Superman at comic-con, and Cay instantly puts Beck at ease as he's about to call it a day and go home. There's an instant connection between the two, although both think they're straight up to that point, just unlucky in love. There's a nice lack of angst about realising they're not as straight as they thought, although Beck takes a little longer to come round that fact.

The connection between the two is instant and strong, and when they do get together, it's seriously hot, oh my. It's also sweet and fun and geeky and with the best friend group I've seen in a while. I loved all the pop culture references, and the ending is swoonsome too. I can't wait for more.

LCDolphin's review:

Wonderful story of Cay and Beck, two nerds who meet at a Comic-Con dressed as Batman and Superman. After being pushed into a kiss, and although they are reluctant, they just can't deny their attraction to each other. Great characters, friends, family and funny moments make for a heartwarming read about bi-awakening. Highly recommend.

Angel's review:

I don't think I've read anything by K.C. Carmine before, so reading this book introduced me to her type of writing. I think that Katherine and K.C wrote this very well, I couldn't even tell that this was written by two different people. It felt so seamless, and the flow has a really good progression.

The way the two MC's meet is such an adorable meet-cute, them meeting at a Con and forming a connection with one another over their shared interests was just adorable.

I felt bad for both Cay and Beck, they both frequently got misunderstood and judged for them being themselves, or even when they tried to be someone they aren't, they still got judged for it. I really felt for their characters, but I am glad that these two men has such a great support system. Both with their found family and with their blood family.

The scene where Cay was painting with his dad and came out to him was such a tender and intimate scene, the way Cay's dad just accepted him as is was so heartwarming.

As far as the heat level, I will say this is higher on the heat/steam side of things. There is still a good amount of story without steam though as well, in case you were wondering about that. I'm very intrigued by what's going on between Alex and Maisie, I don't typically read FF stories, but if they get their own story I will definitely be reading it! Their characters intrigued me so much, I want to know what their history is, why their seems to be tension between them.

Another character I absolutely adored was Tai, his character was so bubbly, bright, and flamboyant, he's another character that piqued my interest as well.

Overall, a really fantastic book, full of Batman and Superman references, cosplays, and a double blind date gone... Right, just not in the way either man was expecting.

Nicole's Review:

I love both of these authors, so I was soooooo excited when this collaboration was announced.  This book was just about perfect.  Geeky bi-awakening sweetness with a ton of heat.  Beck was so brooding and Cay was the perfect sunny boost for his confidence.  There was a lot of relationship building as these two learned about themselves together.  I'm excited for more in this series!

Heather's Review:

I'm a sucker for a good geeked out romance and what's more quintessential than a BatSupermanship.... with a double bi-awakening, some pining and some angst.  We even get to see them reprise and reverse their cosplay to better reflect their personalities... but on to the relationship...

I love the sweet and steamy way these two get together and the continual chance to geek out, right to the end...

I love that these two take things at their own pace and the story unfolds authentically.  I'm also seeing some future co-writes that involve a little more bi-awakening between roommates (yes, I want Alex and Maisie's story next), but I also want Tai to get his HEA... maybe with Daniel?  ('cause that would be an interesting twist and another bi-awakening?)

UnConVentional Kiss is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription