Two Chances by Lynn Burke

Two Chances continues the Elite Escorts MM series and gives us a glimpse into 

From the blurb:

I joined Elite Escorts MM as an eff you to my cheating ex-fiancé. My job offers me lucrative releases and also protects me from experiencing that kind of pain ever again.

Jaded AF, the last thing I need is another man prying his way into my life and mind...but Detective James Jenner—JJ—is relentless.

He's also hot as hell, a tall drink of water I thirst for.

Like a hurricane, he constantly batters against my weakening walls, but same as my ex, JJ will never put me first. His loyalties lie elsewhere.

I know better than to go outside EEMM when I need to clear my head, but old wounds rip open, leaving me vulnerable. Wanting validation and genuine affection, I cave to the magnetic pull between us.

But his faithfulness to another lays waste to the seed of hope pushing through the cracks of my defenses.

Will my reinforced barriers stand firm when JJ reveals his heart? Or will I find the strength to trust that a second chance at love is possible?

Heather's Review:

I have to say that I didn't even look at my TBR when I finished One Night, I immediately jumped into Two Chances because I couldn't wait to see what happened between JJ and Kellen, whom we met in the first book.   

I loved exploring Kellen's past and his penchant for running away.  I also loved getting to know JJ and his long time role as a fuck buddy to another man.  Both men are so hurt and so right for each other!

This book has a truly satisfying ending and the hints dropped for book 3 have me salivating in wait for the chance to read Three Reasons when it comes out on February 15th!  This book is best read in order, reading it standalone would have you missing elements of the story that begins in book 1.

Two Chances is available in wide release paperback and e-book.