To Catch a Firefly by Emmy Sanders

If you want a book that truly is a great romance pick up To Catch a Firefly immediately. Ellis and Lucky have been friends since they were young, nothing can come between them, even when one stays and one goes. When someone is your home, your life, your happiness, nothing else matters.

I have no way to describe the intensity of this story. Their bond spans over twenty years and is heartfelt through everyday.

From the blurb:

He was my beginning. And my never-ending.

There’s a lot I’ve never told my best friend. The fact that I love him. That I miss him every day he’s gone. That, sometimes, I ache for him with a ferocity that leaves me breathless.

Lucky Buchanan tore into my life as a boy, wild and daring, my opposite in every way. He drew me in, stole my heart without trying. He hears me, even though I rarely speak a word. But I always knew this place wouldn’t be enough for my free-spirited friend. I knew he wasn’t mine to keep.

So why, when I finally try to get over him, does he sweep back into town? Why is he upset? Why is there tension between us for the first time in years?

I never saw a future where Lucky could be mine. But now, unless I want to lose my friend, I might not have a choice but to tell the truth. My heart belongs to him. It has from the start.

If only I knew how to hold onto a creature that’s meant to fly.

To Catch a Firefly is a standalone, childhood friends-to-lovers romance told in dual POV. There’s epic levels of pining, a neurodivergent MC with selective mutism, two friends who always come back to one another, glass hearts and romantic declarations, and a HEA beneath the night sky.

Reed Kaye's review:

Where to even start. I’m so incapable of writing a good enough review for this story. This is a hangover book that will stay with me.

I read a lot. This is one of the few author’s that has the ability to grab me from the start and pull me right into the story, tears and all.

Lucky and Ellis meet as children. Being a child is tough. Kids are sometimes unaccepting and hard on each other. These two are that perfect example. Both deal with something that causes them to be cast as outsiders. Their meeting is perfect since they are instant soul mates.

Throughout the story the author made me feel the tie between these two. From the issues they have in school, their adventures as kids and the paths they take for over twenty years. Through everything the author made me feel the bond that held these two both being afraid of losing the wonderful friendship they have. There are so many events in this story that broke my heart but that is life. Both characters are lovable. The secondary characters bring the little town warmth to the story. I think this is the best story the author has written and that is saying something since this author has the ability to smoothly guide me through her stories and make me hate to have them end.

SNik's review:

Standalone. Childhood best friends to lovers. Nuerodivergent representation. Dual POV. 

Sometimes loving someone means letting them go. Lucky and Ellis have been friends since they were ten years old, and nothing over the years changes that, even as Lucky dreams of living an adventure-filled life outside of their small town while Ellis is more than happy to stay in Nebraska and be a cornhusker. Ellis knows he can’t hold Lucky back, and he keeps his bigger feelings a secret so that Lucky can live his dream. 

Beautiful, poetic, and emotional writing describes Ellis and Lucky’s love story. This book had me crying throughout (I cried while writing this review). The friendship described between two young boys that’s indestructible, grows deeper and stronger over time, there are no doubts, no hesitations, Ellis and Lucky know they will be in each other's lives forever no matter what. So much love and romance and yearning and sacrifice and hope and happiness that only that special person can bring you. This book was such a joy to read.

Angel's review:

I've read quite a few books that Emmy has written, and this book is my favorite by far! Once I started reading this I could not put it down, I didn't want to stop reading about Ellis and Lucky. Their story is so beautiful and so poignant, it's inspiring to read about. Lucky and Ellis made me feel so many emotions; happy, sad, overjoyed, and most of all, their characters are relatable. I can relate to Ellis's character, I too have a really difficult time talking to people. I don't completely understand certain social cues, and being around groups of people makes me want to shut down. To read a book that features an MC who is Neurodivergent, who also has difficulties speaking and forming words, was so meaningful to me. I felt seen.

The way in which Ellis's character was written was just done so beautifully and handled so brilliantly. Same with Lucky's character, I absolutely adored the detailed descriptions he would share with Ellis of his travels. And how Ellis would turn Lucky's experiences into works of art, in his own way. I found that to be so beautiful.

This story spans across years, when these two met each other their lives were forever changed. They grew up together, always supporting and being there for each other, even when it's hard. These characters and this book just blew me away, and has left me in awe. The pacing of this story is absolutely incredible! I loved how we would get glimpses of these two throughout different aspects of their lives, those moments, those scenes, was done so well! These two had a long journey before they got together, but that made their destination even more worth it.

The writing was just truly impeccable; the characters were extraordinary, the background details were described wonderfully, and the way Lucky and Ellis's characters grow as individuals but also how they grow together was handled marvelously! This is definitely going to be re-read soon! I highly recommend that you get yourself this beautiful story!

"Me and you El" "It's always been me and you."

Miki J's review:

WOW - every year, there's a book that is released that is filled with such warmth and tenderness - this is that book! The story itself is simple - childhood friends that are more, not become, just are just takes a bit for their heads to catch up to their hearts. It's filled with nostalgia, poignant memories and the beautiful scenery ..... that gives the background and settings. It's the interactions between them - the feelings, doubtful thoughts and the love - just heart-wrenchingly beautiful. And those emails - OMG !!! I was a sobbing mess....especially that final one..... Get this book - it'll haunt you, in the best of ways.

Heather's Review:

Once again, Emmy Sanders weaves a tale that makes you hold your breath and then takes your breath away...two men, childhood best friends who see their world so differently but want so much the same and fear they'll never get it.

I love how easy their friendship is from day one... how the book just shows how these two souls are meant to touch each other, whether they are together or apart.... each wanting the other's happiness to be paramount.

I love how eloquent Ellis is with just a few words and how much he holds back in his expressive emails... I love how vibrant Lucky is and how he goes after what he wants with such fervor and vigor, even when he doesn't heed his surroundings.

To Catch a Firefly is a beautiful book and I love the way both Ellis' and Lucky's families support and appreciate their sons for who and what they are.  You'll be pulled into their world and feel like you've been transported to rural Nebraska and around the world.  You won't want to put the book down, so clear your schedule.

To Catch a Firefly is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription