The Nerd & the Ex-Con by Sage Abbott


When two completely different men who's only communication has been through letter meet, will they be able to confront their lies and past mistakes? The Nerd & the Ex-Con was such a smutty and sweet read. I love stories with ex-cons, but add best friend’s dad trope to the mix? Hell yeah.

From the blurb:

I catfished my best friend’s Dad in prison.

But he'll never know, right?


For almost a decade, I've been the secret pen pal of a convict.  

My best friend’s father.

All I wanted was to help bridge the gap between father and son.

But the innocent act soon turns into more.

Through our letters I am able to be the brave, confident guy I am in fact, not.

So what if I fibbed a little when I sent him a false photograph of me? And reinvented myself in those letters?

Afterall, what’s the harm when Griff will never be released from prison?


I spent two decades behind bars, but nothing could have prepared me for Scott.

When I get out on parole, I find the little liar is nothing like he portrayed.

But I’m not mad.

I prefer the hot, stuttering, mess that he is.

Beneath the glasses, braces, and fun size package, he is far from tame when it counts.

I just have one problem.

My relationship with Scottie might thwart my reconciliation with my son.

But how can I choose between them?

One’s my flesh and blood. The other is my heart and soul.

The Nerd & the Ex-Con is a stand-alone M/M romance novel by Gianni Holmes writing as Sage Abbott. Same spice. Less triggers.

Lilly's Review:

Scottie and Griff had an amazing and intense chemistry between them. I loved how they were total opposites but meshed well and perfectly completed one another. I was also a big fan of the size difference and the large age.

I also loved how shy and reserved Scottie was, but in private he allowed himself to be very sexual. Griff created a safe space for him to be open about his sexuality and preferences, never judging him for them. Scottie’s ex did a number on him physically and mentally and that played a role in the shame he carried regarding sex.

Griff was always ready to put Scottie’s needs first and even as a rough and aggressive person he knew when to back off and listen to Scottie. I loved the softness, protectiveness and obsession he had towards Scott.

The fact that we did not get a break up when things came to light was a plus! I was so glad. I loved how they stood firm and wanted to be together no matter what life threw at them.

Griff’s been in prison for almost 18 years for manslaughter, and because he went to prison for so long, he lost contact with his son. He never got to see him grow. In prison, he attempted to keep in contact with him via letters, but his son wanted nothing to do with him. He felt like his father left him behind which led to resentment and anger so I was glad they were able to mend their relationship.

Also the sex! I enjoyed all the steam this story brought and it was a lot.

Overall I enjoyed The Nerd & the Ex-Con, I am so curious about Griff’s boss, hoping he will get his own story.

Angel's Review:

This book captured my attention from the very first chapter, I could not put this book down once I started it. The way in which this book is written just draws you in, and has you connect with the characters and empathize with them right from the start.

I thought this books was really good, the writing was great as I mentioned above, the characters themselves were fleshed out well, the pacing was terrific, and I quite enjoyed the angst level in this story.

Now, I didn't particularly support Scott's decision of keeping Jay in the dark for as long as he did. I think he should've came clean to him from the start, but especially when he found out that Griff was released from jail. I think while he has the best intentions he definitely knew what he was doing wasn't the best way to go about it. However, having said that, I think the way that those moments were handled was done very well. They were believable and they simultaneously made me want to ask Scottie what he was doing keeping a secret like that from Jay, while simultaneously understanding why he was doing what he did.

I loved the relationship that developed between Scottie and Griff, while I do think they should've come clean to Jay before they got involved with each other, I liked how their relationship occured and how it was written.

The Nerd & the Ex-Con is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.