The Gentleman's Gentleman (His Lordship's Realm Book 1) by Samantha SoRelle

A new historical mystery series from Samantha SoRelle. A young man accused of murder and the only alibi is one that he would hang for anyways. Can Gil allow Jarrett to hang when he knows he's innocent? Maybe Jarrett leaving Gil behind in order to escape is the only way they both can survive.

From The Gentleman's Gentleman blurb:

Despite his noble family, a life of idle indulgence has never suited Gil Charleton. Fortunately, working as the Earl of Crawford’s estate manager requires the same caution, care, and charm he already uses to hide his true desires. On a discreet visit to a pub catering to men like himself, he’s dismayed to see the earl’s imprudent valet. At least the reckless, flirtatious Jarrett doesn’t see him in return.

Jarrett Welch takes any chance to have a little fun—or a lot of fun. But when a man he flirted with winds up dead, he can’t give his alibi. After all, that kind of fun between men carries the same sentence as murder.

Gil knows Jarrett is innocent, but it’s his own life on the line if he comes forward. The only other way to save him is to find the real killer before their shared secret can be revealed.

Working together to clear Jarrett’s name, the attraction between them becomes impossible to fight. But the more the mystery unravels, the more it becomes clear that one of them will have to choose which is more important: his love… or his life.

SNik's review:

First in series (His Lordship’s Realm). This is set in the author’s His Lordship’s Mysteries universe for fans of that series. Historical mystery. Slow burn. 

Young valet Jarrett doesn’t expect that one instance of flirtation would lead to being accused of murder, and his only help might be the handsome and charming Gil Charleton. As an estate manager for an earl, Gil knows how to negotiate, but providing an alibi for Jarrett might get them both the hangman’s noose, so instead Gil vows to help Jarrett find the true murderer. 

There’s never a doubt for me that Samantha SoRelle will deliver a well written story, with main characters that draw you in, and a murder mystery to boot that is so entertaining and enjoyable I grab everything she writes (I admit to having read almost everything she’s ever published). Both young and yet experienced, they are from different backgrounds, but Gil and Jarrett find themselves falling into something special and worth any sacrifice. I just loved every minute of this story and can’t wait for more.

The Gentleman's Gentleman is currently available as an e-book